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GeoIgnite 2020 Video, closing Keynote: Making earth observation (EO) intelligence available to the decision-makers that drive our future – June McAlarey, CEO PCI Geomatics

GeoIgnite is Canada’s national geospatial conference hosted by GoGeomatics Canada

GeoIgnite was held online via Zoom from July 22nd to 24th, 2020.  This event showcased the Canadian geospatial community and the leaders of Canada’s location technology sector. The conference brought together professionals from government and industry for innovative programming and updates on our sector. Every year, GeoIgnite is a unique opportunity for the geospatial community in Canada and abroad to learn, share, and engage with one another. 

Session: June McAlarey, CEO PCI Geomatics: Making earth observation (EO) intelligence available to the decision-makers that drive our future.

If you missed out on this session during GeoIgnite in July, here is another opportunity to watch. June McAlarey is the CEO and President of PCI Geomatics. She is very passionate about making earth observation data intelligent actionable and available to decision-makers that are responsible for ensuring balanced and sustainable earth for future generations to come.

PCI Geomatics is one of the most important geospatial companies around the World. PCI is a small but mighty Canadian force that has been responsible for many of the technological advancements and innovation in the geospatial industry for the last 37 years. It has been widely used in universities, government agencies, and industry. PCI has also made a tremendous impact across the years, operating with a mandate to ensure that the science and the data is accessible across the industry value chains and all the different ways that we can leverage it. Additionally, PCI has enabled researchers, commercial and government clients to work with radar sat and many other sensors out there to create services to extract value which has led to the creation of new companies.

June McAlarey’s talk revolved around actionable steps that organizations can adopt to make EO data available to decision-makers and explored this under the following sub-topics.

  • The mandate for Open Geospatial Data
  • Technology Enabling the shift
  • EO data disruption of industries
  • Evolving the Value Chain
  • AI & ML to manage and leverage EO data
  • A vision for a Canadian Digital Earth Platform

If you are interested in how your organization can make earth observation (EO) intelligence available to decision-makers you can watch the video below:

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