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GoGeomatics Canada community featured on Geoholics Podcast

Jonathan Murphy, the Founder and Managing Director of GoGeomatics joined Kent Gro and Gavin Schrock on the Geoholics Podcast

I had a really good time talking to the Geoholics team. The discussion on the survey school we “tried” to start in 2014 was fun.  As well interesting to hear about hiring issues south of the border when it comes to surveying. Seems like the challenges of hiring people to do survey work is universal. -Jonathan Murphy

It was such a great conversation to join our friends all the way from the USA. Many topics were discussed, and ofcourse they are Geomatics related, what a surprise right! Discussion included the challenges of Geomatics locally and internationally, the geospatial profession and the upcoming Geospatial generation.

We are so excited for you to listen to this episode. Here is the link for the Geoholics Podcast, be sure to check them out!


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