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LIKE ME Conference Addresses Climate Change at First Virtual Conference

Industry experts and academia addressed climate change using geolocation intelligence at this year’s LIKE ME (Like Mother Earth) Conference.

It was the first year the conference was ever held virtually. Held on February 16 and 23, as well as March 2 and 9, LIKE ME continued its vision to push technology boundaries of location intelligence within climate action on a global scale.

LIKE, or the Location Intelligence Knowledge Exchange, is devoted to location intelligence, was created to bring together practitioners and interested groups so an exchange of ideas and technologies could occur.

The LIKE ME Conference papers have now been published. You can find them here:

Best Paper Award WinnerA Comparative Study of Semantic Segmentation Models for Building Footprint Extraction Using Satellite Imagery  [Best Paper Award Winner]

Authors: John Jewell, Jinbiao Ning, Elham Ahmadi, Shihao Ma

Title: A Study on the Effect of Daily Weather on Quarterly Retail Revenues

Authors: Susan Sun, Hang Xiang, Graham Watt, Yuri Lawryshyn

Title: Automated Traffic Incident Detection with Two-Stream Neural Networks

Authors: Andrew Alberts-Scherer, Matthew Kowal

Title: Attention-based Remaining Useful Lifetime (ARUL) prediction for Aero-propulsion Systems

Authors: Arash Noori, Serena McDonnell, Amir Amjadian, Ehsan Amjadian, Muhammad Rizwan Abid

Title: Object Detection for Autonomous Lawn Mower based on YOLO V3

Authors: Gabrielle Simms, Muhammad Abid

Title: Self-supervised learning for time series from multi-spectral satellite imagery

Authors: Chris Bethune, Philippe Horne, Zachary Hills, Steve Kramer, Jeffrey Gleason, Ben Johnson, Ezekial Barnett, Richard Brath, Scott Langevin

Title: A Deep Learning Approach For Deforestation Prediction

Authors: Varun Goyal, Akshat Sharma, Priyanshu Yadav, Mithil Mandape, Deval Pandya

A warm thank you to this year’s sponsors. The conference appreciates the support from Microsoft, CARTO, Telus, RBC, and Environics. GoGeomatics Canada was the media sponsor.

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