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Planet Reveals New Applications Using Satellite Data For Agriculture

Impressive Planet Constellation Gives Insight Into Agricultural Sector

Greg Crutsinger, Ph.D., Customer Success Manager for Agriculture at Planet, spoke at GeoIgnite, Winter Geo, Canada’s National Geospatial Conference, via livestream on March 1, 2022. The topic of his presentation was the new applications of satellite data for the agricultural sector. 

Greg Crutsinger, Ph.D., Customer Success Manager for Agriculture at Planet

During the talk, Crutsinger spoke about Planet’s satellite data, traditional use cases for satellite data, and new use cases. Planet’s impressive constellation of satellites provides an incredible amount of data as the satellites cover the entire landmass of Earth. Planet’s Dove Constellation is always on and monitoring. It provides optimal resolution for agriculture, even small-scale farms.

The information gathered assists the agricultural sector by providing insights to help make informed and timely decisions regarding a variety of situations. The data given is often complicated, so Crutsinger discussed how space observation helps agricultural customers. He revealed new applications in satellite data. For example, data is used for improving yield estimation and planting and harvesting dates. 

Crutsinger mentioned there are often gaps in imagery information, but Planet’s temporal resolution fills in the gaps by providing more useful images even in areas with cloud cover. He discussed the importance of frequency, monitoring in-field variability and directed scouting, classifying crops, and tracking, as well as using the data throughout the different stages of growing seasons.

Crutsinger spoke on New Use Cases including tracking crop phenology, following field trials and experiments, best management practices, yield estimation, actual field boundaries, forage use efficiency, and planting and harvesting dates. 

Crutsinger says Planet’s satellites cover the whole world, every day, “making change visible, accessible and actionable.”

A deep, heartfelt thank you to Planet, a Gold Sponsor for the GeoIgnite, Winter Geo conference.

An intriguing Q and A session followed the Winter Geo Conference livestream. You can watch this entire talk on Youtube below. 


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