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15 Canadian Geospatial Back to School Events: Call for Sponsors

You are invited to support the 5th Annual 2018 GoGeomatics Back to School Socials across Canada this fall.

15 Professional Canadian Geospatial Networking Groups

GoGeomatics is the largest and most popular communications hub in the Canadian Geospatial sector and we continue to grow. Incredibly in a short space of 5 years we’ve grown to 15 groups across Canada.

We host free socials to provide professional networking opportunities to the geospatial industry.  Each year GoGeomatics and our sponsorship partners welcome new and returning students to our sector.  This will be the fifth time we have done these events in communities across the country.  Check the map below for a group in a city near you.  Don’t have one? You can start one. Learn more here

GoGeomatics Canada Networking Groups Across Canada

GoGeomatics Canada Networking Groups Across Canada

The Benefits of Being a GoGeomatics Sponsor

  1. Promote your brand to Canada’s next generation of geospatial professionals as well as the current.
  2. Becoming a sponsor is a way to your organization as a relevant and active member of Canada’s geospatial sector.
  3. This is an ideal way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to supporting the next generation of geospatial professionals in Canada.

Powerful Social media: GoGeomatics Meetups have over 3,600 active members

Click here to visit the GoGeomatics Meetup groups page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold: National level for $2,500 plus tax that includes all 15 events across Canada.

Silver: City level for $350 per group allowing you to precisely target your brand efforts and support to individual groups.

Your support is very important to the GoGeomatics, and the GoGeomatics groups leaders around the country ensure these contributions are well recognized. We list the benefits and costs in the brochure you can download below.

Download the GoGeomatics Back To School Socials 2018 Brochure or contact GoGeomatics Canada for more information

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