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15 Geomatics LinkedIn Groups You Need to Join

Last year, we brought you our recommendations for 10 geomatics LinkedIn groups you should be following. This year, there were so many influential groups to choose from, that we updated and expanded that list to 15. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, we highly recommend joining and seeing the benefits of networking and information sharing . You never know who you’ll connect with!

LI networking

For this list, we chose open, active groups with high membership numbers. Please note the member numbers are as of July, 2015. Click the links below and start networking today!

1. Esri GIS

20,000 members. A group for all levels of professionals who are interested in geospatial mapping solutions.

2. GIS and Geography

19,582 members. An open group that discusses the applications of geographic technologies and science, most notably GIS and cartography.

3. GIS in Geology and Mining

9,165 members. Discussions on how GIS can be used in specific applications of geological exploration and mining, through case studies and software applications.

4. Canadian Geomatics Sector and Geospatial Community

6,231 members. A group for geospatial professionals in Canada and around the world who want to network, share, promote, discuss, and learn more about Canada’s geomatics sector. Discussions focus around jobs and promotions related to GIS, geomatics, geospatial, and related fields.

5. GIS Application Developers

4,296 members. A group intended for those who are interested and/or take part in GIS application development. This includes open source and proprietary products and tools in all development languages. Intended for the dissemination of knowledge.

6. GoGeomatics Canada

4,145 members. A networking group for professionals looking to find work in Canada. The group shares news on jobs, events, careers, articles, and more on topics in GIS, remote sensing, surveying, aerial photography, engineering, and geomatics.

7. GITA (Geospatial Information & Technology Association)

3,883 members. The LinkedIn group for GITA, the professional association and leading advocate for anyone using geospatial technology to help operate, maintain, and protect the infrastructure. Through industry leading conferences, membership, and other programs, GITA provides education and professional best practices.

8. Petroleum GIS

3,833 members. A group run and moderated by Exprodat to discuss GIS and spatial issues related to the oil and gas industry, and for sharing ideas and making connections.

9. Women in GIS

2,953 members. A group of women GIS professionals from around the world.

10. GIS in Asset, Infrastructure and Work Management for Government and Utilities

2,779 members. A group for technologies, suggestions and discussions for individuals and organizations involved in GIS as it relates to asset and work management technologies in state and local governments and utilities.

11. Participatory Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Technologies

2,498 members. A group that supports community mapping, Participatory GIS, PPGIS, and the use of geospatial technologies in a participatory mode to support integrated conservation and development, sustainable natural resource management, and customary property rights in developing and First Nations.

12. GIS & Geomatics Jobs in Canada

2,067 members. A group for job seekers, employers, and recruiters interested in GIS & Geomatics jobs in Canada. They post job postings, links to job sites, and resume and portfolio tips. It is a way to connect with other professionals also looking for work, or posting jobs in Canada.

13. Geospatial Intelligence Network

2,020 members. A networking group for geospatial professionals.

14. The Geospatial Discussion

1,630 members. A forum dedicated to the geospatial realm. Topics discussed are in GIS, GPS, and remote sensing, including news, links, and a registration-free chatroom.

15. Open Source GIS

1,647 members. A group to discuss and collaborate about the various open source tools available for GIS, and how they can be leveraged for real time implementations.

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