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2022 Back to School Socials in Pictures – Thank you Sponsors & Participants!

GoGeomatics Social

The 7th annual GoGeomatics 2022 Back to School Socials have been a tremendous success. Our groups and group leaders across the country came together to put together some great events. Many thanks go to our city group leaders across the country who did a terrific job organizing and hosting these events. What an effort!  Our group leaders are leaders in the Canadian geomatics community who work at the grass roots level facilitating new networks that in turn enrich our industry and community.

We want to thank all our National and City sponsors whose support allows us to have these event and support the groups through our season for 2022. See the full list of amazing sponsors below.

The Back to School socials are where we welcome new and returning students to the geomatics community in Canada.  For many, this is the first time they get to interact with professionals and senior people in our industry.  The socials are fun free networking events supported by the the community.

Photos From 2022 Back to School Socials (BTSS)

Lawrencetown, NS

Niagara, ON

Kitchener/Waterloo, ON

Toronto, ON

Kingston, ON

Ottawa, ON

Regina, SK

Calgary, AB

Edmonton, AB

Vancouver, BC

Kelowna, BC


GoGeomatics thanks our National and City Sponsors for the 2022 Back to School GoGeomatics Socials

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsoring future Back to School Socials or our monthly socials, please email tamara@gogeomatics.ca for further details.


National Sponsors

To access more details on our national sponsors, please visit their website links listed below:


City Sponsors























GoGeomatics Monthly Socials 2022

Please join your local Meetup Group for our monthly socials! GoGeomatics Group Meetings are free and open to everyone from all areas of geomatics – business owners, professionals, students, and job seekers. We discuss GIS-related topics such as jobs, careers, technologies, remote sensing, surveying, and geomatics.

Lawrencetown, NSMeetup Info
Toronto, ONMeetup Info
Ottawa, ONMeetup Info
Calgary, ABMeetup Info
Vancouver, BCMeetup Info
Victoria, BCMeetup Info
Kelowna, BCMeetup Info

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