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A Personal GoGeomatics Expo Retrospective 2023

I had the opportunity to attend the GoGeomatics expo in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout the two and a half days I did my best to get the full experience from everything that was offered at the expo. From all the company booths to sitting in on as many of the panels and speaker demonstrations as I could attend. As a junior geomatics professional attending his first expo experience, this was an overall fantastic event. I spoke to as many different people as I could sharing experiences and stories, asking questions at panels, and walked away with a renewed sense of focus towards my future career path.

Kenneth Ang, Terra Remote Sensing. George Petropoulos, Silvatech Consulting

The highlight of the event for me was definitely seeing the variety of specialized professionals and companies that had booths. There were drone professionals, independent Lidar and remote sensing manufacturers, and environmental consulting companies. Each booth offered a unique opportunity to connect with different people. Additionally, industry leaders participated in panels and offered Q/A sessions, providing everyone with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas.

Michael Sitar, RIEGL Canada. Jennifer Triana, TopoDOT. Dr. Tim Webster, Applied Geomatics Research Group NSCC. Kenneth Ang, Terra Remote Sensing.

Since Geomatics, GIS, and Remote Sensing are not common household terms, this expo can hopefully serve as a foundation to elevate the Geospatial profession to a higher profile. With the wide range of careers and industry leaders attending the expo, this event can have great future potential to expand. I would personally like to see growth from this event simply with a larger turnout. The more people from across Canada, other countries, and disciplines would be inspiring to see. Providing a platform for professionals to participate and share their ideas and research with others in the geomatics industry would contribute to fostering a more connected and collaborative community.

Checking out Geomatics Tech at the Expo

GoGeomatics Expo logo 2024

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