Banner Advertising

The following advertising spots are available on the GoGeomatics website.

Featured BigBox Banner

This is a Website Banner that rotates with other banners in this location when the page refreshes. Your banner will appear on the front page of the Job and Events board as well as the GoGeomatics Canada Web Magazine. This is the largest of our banner placements. If you have a geomatics product or service or you just want to improve your brand recognition this is the place for you.

Contact Jonathan Murphy to inquire about purchasing banner space.

Featured Big Box Banner is located at the top right hand of the pages 300 X 250 pixels DPI 72.

Price: $200 per 1 month

Featured Big Box Banner positionPurchase this banner spot

Leaderboard Top Page

This is the leaderboard banner location. It’s front and centre at the top of the Job and event board.

Along with the Big Box Banner to the right this is one of the most effective locations to promote your brand on the GoGeomatics site. This banner rotates with others as the page refreshes. The banner dimensions are 600 X 90 pixels DPI 72.

Contact Jonathan Murphy to inquire about purchasing banner space.

Price: $175 per 1 month

Leaderboard Top of Page Purchase this banner spot

By using GoGeomatics marketing services you are helping the community grow. All of the revenues are put back into GoGeomatics Canada in order to support our activities. By purchasing services like Job or Event postings, Press Release Packages, Banner Ads or Email marketing, you enable us to provide community networking services throughout Canada and an information hub for our sector. With your support we are expanding our sector’s profile in Canada and around the world.