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Announcing Geospatial 2013 World Tour – United, Modern, Dynamic

For many years, organizations have struggled with using geospatial data effectively. This is a common problem faced by government agencies, defense and intelligence communities, utility and communications companies, and private businesses. The intelligence in data appeared to be locked in silos, and one may have to employ the use of multiple vendors to extract data into manageable forms, and then deliver for various applications.

Intergraph World Tour: Canadian Geomatics EventThe launch of Intergraph’s Geospatial 2013 product portfolio signals a renaissance in utilizing spatial data. These products integrate photogrammetry, remote sensing, and GIS into a streamlined system that is available on desktop, server, web, and mobile devices! Now, it is possible to work with one company to derive a comprehensive solution that provides the information required for organizational effectiveness. At Intergraph, we see the products as united, modern, and dynamic. These labels remind us, and customers, that the Geospatial 2013 portfolio:

  1. Works together to support the entire information lifecycle, transforming multi-source content into actionable information
  2. Uses modern tools, workflows, and interfaces
  3. Supports real-time access and delivery of information to keep up with the changing world

If I have piqued your interest, please accept my invitation to join the Geospatial World Tour, where you will get the chance to hear from Intergraph’s geospatial experts, and see some demos. We have dates for Mississauga, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Edmonton. Click here to see the agenda. See you there!

Read more on Geospatial 2013 at geospatial.intergraph.com/2013.

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