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Another Great Event! TECTERRA Vancouver GoGeomatics Social Pictures

It’s only around 6am in Vancouver as I write this but I promised Deanna I would get an article out about the event right away.

GoGeomatics Vancouver is born.  And what a birth it was.  We had around 35-40 people come out to the event.  I was counting a couple of times but people just won’t sit still for a final tally.  This was the largest launch I’ve attended.  The food was excellent and the staff at the Kingston did a great job keeping food and drinks flowing.

GoGeomatics wants to thank TECTERRA for sponsoring this successful event.  If you are a company or group that wants to get involved please contact us at info@gogeomatics.ca to learn more about opportunities to make an impact in the community.

GoGeomatics and TECTERRA are not done for June yet.  We will be in Halifax to launch the maritime GoGeomatics Canada socials on June 26th.

If you want to receive reminders about the GoGeomatics events happening in your city, like Vancouver, send an email to our community manager Deanna,  DeannaSokoloski@gogeomatics.ca

Photos:Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 1 Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 2 Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 3 Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 4 Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 5 Vancouver GoGeomatics June 6th 2013 6

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