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Are you looking for a Geospatial Job in Canada? Attend our jobs event in this June 18th.

Tickets for the GoGeomatics Jobs Event event co-located with Canada’s national geospatial conference GeoIgnite 2019 taking place June 18th are now available!

This event offers practical and proven advice to help you make the most of your geospatial job search. Join us as will be useful to graduating students as well as seasoned professionals. The eventis particularly focused on those seeking work in GIS, cartography, remote sensing, programming, and other related geospatial fields.

Limited Seating with Early Bird Tickets on Sale now for $50

Where:  Ottawa Conference Centre, 200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3
When: June 18th, 2019

Designed under the theme “The Future of Geospatial Careers” by GoGeomatics in collaboration with Ottawa colleges and university students, and GoGeomatics Canada this jobs event will offer a career experience where prospective employees can connect with the employers and job experts. Attendees will be able to access recruiters from the public and private sector, the GeoIgnite exhibition era, and a series of presentations on diverse topics including:

  • What is the Future of Geospatial Jobs in Canada?
  • How do I Prepare for Success in the new job market?
  • Navigating the Federal Government Recruitment Process

View the full schedule here.

As employers embrace innovation and seeking new hires with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, job seekers with the energy to enter an evolving geospatial technology and IT environment will discover that the best opportunities are found through networking at industry events. The GoGeomatics Career Event  is an opportunity not to be missed!


Register for the GoGeomatics Career Event Here

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