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Available Now: New 2023 Media Kit for GoGeomatics Canada

GoGeomatics Canada is pleased to offer several affordable ways for you to advertise, raise your brand awareness, communicate, and engage with Canada’s geospatial sector. We track statistics and analytics for every campaign we run, so you’ll be able to see just how successful working with us is.

Please reach out to us info@gogeomatics.ca for further information. If interested in any of our services, You may also book a meeting directly with Jonathan Murphy, Founder & Managing Director of GoGeomatics. 


Clean Club Calgary | Media KitABOUT GOGEOMATICS

Founded in 2011, GoGeomatics Canada is the most popular communications and resource hub for the Canadian geospatial sector. We attract the largest audience of geospatial professionals looking for sector technology news, events, and jobs. GoGeomatics promotes and organizes many aspects of the geospatial community. Hundreds of organizations post their jobs, news, and events on GoGeomatics Canada. We have published over 1,500 Canadian geomatics articles in the magazine, organized hundreds of valuable networking and career conferences and events, and continue to reach thousands through our weekly newsletter, The Canadian Spatial Times, and through social media.



Working Professionals: 61.7 %

Managers/Executives: 25.6%

Job Seekers: 7.5 %

Students: 5.3%

Organizations that work with us






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