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BCIT Geomatics Program | Position Yourself for the Future

Program Overview

BCIT Geomatics Program offers a 2 year Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma which at the completion, students can either go out and work in industry or continue on for another 2 years and get their Bachelors of Science in Geomatics. In addition students who already have post secondary education can apply for the Advanced Placement Diploma. Students in this program take several pre-entry courses in August and then enter directly into the 2nd year of the 2 year Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma. Further, there are numerous Part-Time studies courses offered throughout the year, with some having CBEPS exemptions.

  1. Geomatics Engineering Technology, Diploma
  2. Advance Placement, Diploma
  3. Bachelors of Science, Geomatics
  4. Geomatics Part Time Studies Courses

In addition the Geomatics programs has 2 dedicated computer labs with access to numerous geomatics and geospatial related software and a dedicated survey stores with access to all types of survey related equipment. These resources allow students to have a hands on learning environment.

Finally a recent survey conducted of Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma indicated that 95% of graduates had jobs within the field of Geomatics. Recently due to the booming of the construction industry employment with graduates is nearly 100%!

Geomatics Engineering Technology, Diploma


The Geomatics Engineering Technology diploma program is a two year course of study leading to a Diploma in Geomatics that is nationally recognized. Students in this program acquire a solid background in applied math, physics, cartography, photogrammetry, plane surveying, geodetic surveying and computer applications. Practical skills include field surveying, GPS and total station data collection and analysis together with computer assisted digital mapping using aerial photography and laser scan data. Prospective students should have a genuine interest in mathematics, computers and earth sciences and enjoy working in both field and office environments.

Visit this link for more details.

Advance Placement, Diploma

For those who already have a diploma or degree the advanced diploma may be of interest. Requiring just 1 year to complete, students enter directly to level 3 of the program. Students must complete the 7 week pre-requested course offered in July and August in order to be eligible for level 3. These courses are:

  • GEOM 2110 – Pre-Entry Field Surveying
  • GEOM 2120 – Pre-Entry Survey Computations
  • GEOM 2130 – Pre-Entry CAD & Geospatial Applications

Visit this link for more details and entry requirements.

Bachelors of Science, Geomatics

This program provides students with excellent opportunities for career enhancement and professional growth. This degree will appeal primarily to graduate Geomatics Engineering Technologists who wish to pursue professional accreditation as Land Surveyors or develop their careers in other areas of Geomatics such as mapping or hydrography.

Visit the link for more details.

Geomatics Part Time Studies Courses

Our part-time studies courses are intended for those who need professional development to upgrade their knowledge or require job related academic qualifications, but are not working towards a diploma or degree in Geomatics. These courses may also provide the prospect students further credits to obtain CBEPS (The Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors) exemption or certification as Applied Science Technicians with ASTTBC.

Visit the link for more details and to view current part time courses offered.

For additional question please email geomatics@bcit.ca.

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