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BCIT GIS Practicum or Project Sponsors Needed for 2023

With full BCIT GIS programs starting this September, BCIT is looking for sponsors, either companies or government agencies, to accept a practicum or project with one or more students from January to May or June, 2023. 

BCIT GIS Practicum or Project program allows sponsors the opportunity of not only playing an important role in GIS technology education, but also the unique chance to learn from the student’s skills and knowledge.

Please consider enjoying the experience of having a project or practicum onsite or even remotely. Sponsors are key to the success of the program. There is no cost to being a sponsor, though you may offer compensation as you see fit. 

Project or Practicum?

A sponsor can choose to support either a Project or a Practicum.

Project: A student independently carries out a unit of work at BCIT. The sponsor approves the project and is given ongoing status updates until the sponsor reviews the completed project. BCIT faculty will provide supervision and technical direction. 

Project Sponsor Form

Practicum: A student works in the office of the sponsor, using an employee/employer mentor relationship to work on a paradigm. A practicum is suitable for those sponsors who have time and expertise to provide detailed work and supervision for the student.

Practica Sponsor Form

Read More about the differences between Project and Practicum

Sponsor Today

Submit a Project/Practicum sponsor form via email by Sept 21, 2022. Applications  can still come in after that date, however, sooner is better. Students will have sponsor forms on September 23, and will start to contact you. Interviews can begin the last week of September and early October. Interviews can be in person, phone, or vide, and be formal or informal. Once you select a student, offer them the project or practicum via email, and notify Mike Hill, M.Sc., Program Head and Faculty. The student will reply with acceptance via email, and notify Mike Hill, M.Sc., Program Head and Faculty by October 31 at the latest.

If you have any questions, contact:

Mike Hill, M.Sc.
Program Head, Geographic Information Systems
British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby BC Canada V5G 3H2
Room SW3-2079 Tel: 604-432-8737
e-mail: Mike_Hill@bcit.ca
URL: https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/gis

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