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Searching for BCIT GIS Practicum & Project Sponsors 2021/2022

What is the sponsorship program about?

Mike Hill, the GIS Program Head of BCIT, is searching for potential partners to participate in the sponsorship program.

Every year, students in the BCIT GIS program complete either a practicum or project with an outside sponsor. The program is essential for preparing students for the challenges and demands common to the GIS field. Students gain real work experience working on relevant assignments with modern technology and techniques and provide valuable functions to the sponsor. Sponsors are from a wide range of organizations: non-profits, government bodies and private companies are all encouraged to join. Employers can place a student in a temporary position to fulfill tasks analogous to those of a junior GIS technician.

Practicum Sponsors

The practicum can follow a gradual schedule (January to May) or block approach (April – June). An interview process should be conducted prior to the placement. The employer should establish clear work objectives, provide a mentor and assume the same responsibilities as those associated with hiring any short-term contract employee. The practicum student should help manage projects, perform some of the day-to-day tasks of the organization and conduct themselves as a professional representative of BCIT. More information can be found below.

Project Sponsors

The Project sponsorship program is an opportunity for a potential partner to enlist one or two students to engage a specific assignment. The project idea can be initiated by either the sponsor or the student. Once an idea is agreed upon, objectives and deliverables will be outlined in the planning phase. The sponsor will provide a contact for the student and feedback at the completion of the project. The student will adhere to the specific project objectives and deliver any requested reports on the project’s status. More information can be found below.

The practicum/project sponsorship program is a valuable opportunity for sponsors to play a role in GIS technology education while benefiting from the knowledge and skills the students lean at BCIT. The There is no cost to the sponsor, and liability for students will be covered under the Institute’s ‘Coverage For Students On Approved Industry Projects’. Any interested parties should fill out the forms provided and contact the GIS Program Head, Mike Hill.

Mike Hill, M.Sc.
Program Head, Geographic Information Systems
British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby BC Canada V5G 3H2
Room SW3-2079 Tel: 604-432-8737
e-mail: Mike_Hill@bcit.ca
URL: https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/gis

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