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Call for Papers: CAG: Critical Geographies of Migration

Please consider submitting an abstract for the CAG 2017 York University, May 29 – June 2, 2017. The last day to submit abstracts for either special or general paper sessions via the conference website is February 24, 2017.     https://www.cag-acg.ca/cag-annual-meeting

Special Session Proposal: Critical Geographies of Migration

Call for Papers

The causes, patterns and consequences of international migration have become increasingly diverse, multiple and contested. Additionally, the experiences of migrants worldwide appear to be more and more risky, characterized by vulnerability, discrimination and exploitation. In order to make sense of the changing and complex geographies of migration, a critical approach is preferable.

Critical geographies of migration interrogate migratory processes to uncover the wider system of power relations which structure flows of migrants and their experiences. Critical approaches are also concerned with the micro-level corporeal geographies of migration, considering the embodied experiences of migrants. More than this, critical geographers of migration are advocates and activists concerned not just with analysing migration, but with developing new ways to better manage migration so that the lives of migrants may be less precarious.

This session brings together papers which critically examine the multiple geographies of migration. In particular, we invite abstracts which engage with some of the emerging themes in critical geographies of migration, including but not limited to:

  • the shift to corporeal geographies of migration,
  • issues concerning the management of migrants and migration,
  • gender and sexuality approaches to migration,
  • transnationalism and diaspora approaches,
  • borders, bordering practices and security studies, and
  • Postcolonial and political-economy approaches.

Please send your contact information, title and 200 word abstract (in English or French) to the three organizers by February 20th  2017 in order to indicate your interest in being part of this special session proposal.

For conference information:  http://cag-acg2017.ca/

For call for papers:  http://cag-acg2017.ca/call-for-papers/

For abstract submission:  http://cag-acg2017.apps01.yorku.ca/paper-poster-submissions/

Session organizers:

Maddy Thompson m.c.thompson@newcastle.ac.uk

Luisa Veronis  lveronis@uottawa.ca

Margaret Walton-Roberts  mwaltonroberts@wlu.ca

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