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Canada’s National Geomatics Expo 2024: A Call for Speakers!

Following the tremendous success of our inaugural event, we are thrilled to announce the call for speakers for the Canada’s National Geomatics Expo 2024, scheduled for October 28-30 in Calgary Alberta. This event, a fusion of conference, exhibition, and live demonstrations, stands as the largest of its kind in Canada, showcasing the cutting edge of geomatics technology and thought leadership.

The GoGeomatics Expo is Canada’s premier national event, showcasing the latest innovations in geomatics through a vibrant amalgamation of expert speakers, cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and engaging industry networking opportunities. – Jonathan Murphy, Founder of GoGeomatics

This year’s expo is designed to be an immersive experience, combining knowledge exchange, networking, and the latest technological showcases in the field of geomatics. We are looking for thought leaders, innovators, industry experts, and academic professionals who are eager to share their insights and contribute to shaping the future of geomatics.

We welcome submissions for a range of tracks, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the geomatics field:

  • Geospatial Leadership & Innovation: Strategies and trends shaping the future of geomatics.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/Drones: Advances and applications in drone technology.
  • Underground Infrastructure Mapping: Innovations in subterranean mapping and analysis.
  • Reality Capture & 3D Mapping: Cutting-edge techniques in capturing and modeling the physical world.
  • BIM & GIS Interoperability: Exploring the synergy between Building Information Modeling and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Surveying and Construction Technologies: The latest developments in surveying and digital construction.
  • Indoor Mapping and Navigation: Innovations in mapping and navigating complex indoor spaces.
  • Remote Sensing and Earth Observation: New frontiers in observing and understanding our planet.
  • Big Data and Geospatial Analytics: Leveraging big data for enhanced geospatial understanding and decision-making.

How to Submit

Please download the speaker submission form.  Fill it out for consideration

Submissions should be sent to  by May 1st, 2024

We are excited to hear from you and see what innovative ideas and practices you can bring to the table. Let’s come together to inspire and be inspired, driving the future of geomatics in Canada and beyond.


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