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Canadian BIM and Digital Twin Digest for July 28th, 2022

BIM Contracting and Infrastructure Digital Twins

Businesses can improve on operating infrastructure assets by changing the way they use BIM (Building Information Modelling.) This requires a change in the industry’s mindset. 

Integrated use of BIM generates data to reduce re-work, analyze risks, improve  KPI, management and collaboration, as well as improve asset performance and more. This data can also be used to create infrastructure digital twins.

To begin, detailed information is needed virtually from suppliers. The detailed design inputs are needed early enough to discover and deal with any issues before the designs are finalized as issues can affect contract design obligations. 

Businesses can improve on operating infrastructure assets by changing the way they use BIM

The BIM design phase is almost entirely virtual. This allows construction to commence when there is a developed and detailed design that creates abilities such as testing overall carbon performance.

Using a full, integrated BIM approach allows the design to be finalized within the model so no changes can then be made. Changes should be avoided unless necessary. When using a BIM, there is a need for a change control culture in the construction phase. The changes can be done through education and governance.

Integrated BIM is the first step in having better built environment data. A shift in mindset is needed, so questions need to be answered to fully understand how BIM will be used and supported. 


Variety of Emerging and Professional BIM Job Opportunities Available

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is growing in importance in architecture firms all over. Studies of BIM use show increased project completion and client satisfaction among other benefits.

Benefits of BIM include improved design quality, reduced errors causing risk reduction, improved operational and environmental performance, improved win rates, reduced on-site errors, reduced defects in handovers, improved cost control among many others. 

There are easily more than 100 fresh job listings each week for BIM experts, professionals, and graduates with BIM experience, on an industry job board called Archinect Jobs.

A wide selection of new jobs are available monthly. Image from ArchDaily

Here are a selection of jobs to be found:

In Sun Valley, ID, de Reus Architects is looking for a Junior Architect/Designer, among other positions. Shakespeare, Gordon, Vlado in Brooklyn, NY, is also looking for a Junior Architect/Designer. Fx Collaborative would like to hire a Junior Designer, in Brooklyn, NY and AO Architects Orange is hiring CAD/BIM Support Coordinator/Design Technology in Orange, CA. A BIM Manager/Coordinator is being hired in several companies including Eskew Dumez Ripple in New Orleans, LA, Morphosis Architects (Culver City, CA), Waller Design (Pembroke Pines, FL), and Mushinksy Voelzke Associates/MV+A in Washington, DC. A BIM Lead is needed in Boise, ID at GGLO.

If you are looking for BIM experts or recent graduates, post on the Archinect Job Board.


A New Partner for Barclays in China

Currently operating in Europe and Japan, Barclays Investment Managers (BIM, not to be confused with the BIM of Building Information Modelling), is now looking for a partner in China, to set up an asset management JV. 

Barclays in London, photo from Forbes.com

The bank is said to be a key player in international finance and is at the heart of the British Establishment. It is slowly expanding back into Asia from when it pulled back six years ago. 


Own a Digital Twin NFT and Adopt a Cat

Buying a Digital Twin NFT (non-refundable token) this summer will allow you to adopt a real-life cat from shelters like Penang’s Cat Beach Sanctuary. 

The cats at the sanctuary are being used for artwork tokens which can be bought by credit card or cryptocurrency. This is all part of a project called wildpawsnft.com, created by wildcats.io. The project aims to create a sustainable future for animal shelters by using NFT technology. The NFT Digital Twins are part of a larger collection with FWB (Felines with Benefits.)

Cats at the Penang Beach Cat Sanctuary, Malaysia, photo from catbeachpenang.com

Cats from shelters in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, will be available as buyable Digital Twins. Over 5000 pieces of artwork are now available and proceeds will benefit cat shelters across South-East Asia.

The Wildpaws Digital Twin Collection represents a real-life cat in one of the participating shelters. A percentage (25% to 100%) of profits will go to shelter partners. The success of this program is important, showing NFT’s and business models can be of great and meaningful value.


Enterprise and Consumer Metaverses, Differences Matter

The Enterprise Metaverse is for industrial infrastructure, commercial, manufacturing applications. Consumer Metaverse is well-known for gaming, social, and entertainment ecosystems. We seem to understand the consumer metaverse better than Enterprise.

There are three focal points to know when discussing Enterprise Metaverse.

  • Synthetic Data Generation or Open-Loop Simulation: used to collect data for training machine-learning (ML) and autonomous software. 
  • Validation of Autonomous Systems and Process Automation or Closed Loop Simulation: think in terms of validation and optimization. There is more than virtual context, there’s actuation of the system.
  • B2B2C Interaction: deals with exposure to end-customers by allowing direct interaction so there is understanding and value appreciation.

    Digital Twins offer opportunities and challenges.

Challenges with Digital Twins:

  • Must allow customers direct contact with Digital Twins
  • Practical online product configurators
  • Achieve data permeability
  • Customer learning
  • Standardization and decentralization

There is space to generate revenue in the enterprise metaverse. Remember there is value in having customers in interoperable, standardized, and decentralized platforms. Even though there are challenges, there are endless opportunities.


Eric Leitner named Canada’s Digital Lead by Aecom

Aecom places the title of Canada’s Building and Places Practices Lead on Eric Leitner. 

Eric Leitner, Building and Places Practices Lead at Aecom

He will be required to use appropriate digital tools to bridge gaps between infrastructure and technology, and the company’s building and places consumers.

Leitner has experience in BIM (Building Information Modelling), VDC (Virtual Design Construction), Facility Management, Building Sciences, and more. 

Leitner is looking forward to being a part of the Digital Aecom Team and collaborating with colleagues worldwide.