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Canadian Digest July 9th, 2019

Your Canadian Geospatial Briefing for July 9th: Radarsat Constellation imagery available to public; TSX:MAXR Up 81% in the 2ndQuarter; 5G Wireless Network for Open Innovation is Open for Business; Unattended cyber-garden, Canada’s weakness

In June 2019, the Radarsat Constellation was launched. At GeoIgnite 2019, hosted by GoGeomatics Canada, Sergey Samsonov from NRCan explained the RCM data will be made available at no cost. This is a very different business model from Radarsat-1 and 2. The intention of this new model is to reduce the entry costs for entrepreneurs and developers.

The data will be available to the public through the Earth Observation Management System.

New Radarsat Constellation imagery will be available to public at no cost

TSX:MAXR Up 81% in the 2ndQuarter

Photo by Markus Spiske

Following a disappointing 2018 for Maxar Technologies, where shares price lost over 90% of its value between early 2018 and 2019, TSX:MAXR is seeing a large growth. TSX:MAXR is up more than 81% in its 2ndquarter.

The company has had a strong transition away from a capital-intensive business model and is moving towards a lighter model allowing for higher margins and a strong return on capital. It appears as though the company is starting to reverse course.

Why Maxar Technologies (TSX:MAXR) Has Been Crushing the TSX Index in the 2ndQuarter: Up 81%

5G Wireless Network for Open Innovation is Open for Business

ENCQOR 5G has the 1stpre-commercial 5thgeneration wireless network for open innovation in Canada. It is house in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal and Quebec. This update will allow business collaborations to begin for autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, virtual/augmented reality, smart cities, fintech, industry 4.0., energy, cybersecurity and IoT.

Also Read: http://www.oce-ontario.org

Canada’s First 5G Wireless Network for Open Innovation is Open for Business

Unattended cyber-garden, Canada’s weakness

Photo by Campaign Creators

The Post Millennial revisited a previous conversation with retired co-CEO of Research in Motion (Blackberry) and chair of International Governance Innovation, Jim Balsillie. 

During this interview, Balsillie stated that there is a lack of online integrity when it comes to social media companies using hyper-algorithms to game human behaviours covered on TPM. Although a large inverstor in Faacebook and mentor to CEO Mark Zuckerberg would bot talk to TPM about relevant donations and investments, Balsillie did speak to TPM about the threat of big-tech companies using social media data on consumers. 

Unattended cyber-garden is Canada’s weakness: former RIM CEO

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