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Canadian Geospatial Leadership: Lisa-Jen Edmonton GoGeomatics Group Leader

GoGeomatics Canada is catching up with one of our amazing volunteers in Edmonton. As a grassroots volunteer-led movement GoGeomatics strives to provide all sorts of opportunities to our community. One of those opportunities is a chance to become a leader.

In this article, we are talking to Lisa-Jen about her interest in becoming a group leader and what the Edmonton group she leads is all about.

Lisa-Jen Ferrato
Surveyor at McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd.

GoGeomatics: Why are you a group leader and why do you think it’s important for the community?

Lisa-Jen:  I first found out about the monthly Meetups right here on the GoGeomatics Canada web magazine. I attended a couple of Edmonton Meetups and I met some wonderful people. When the opportunity arose I was encouraged to become the new group leader of the Edmonton GoGeomatics chapter. With no hesitation, I agreed, and I have not regretted my decision once.

GoGeomatics: That’s great. Thank you for becoming a leader. How did you end up choosing Edmonton as the place to start your geomatics career?

Lisa-Jen: I am originally a Geographer from Ontario’s Niagara Region, and four years ago I made the move to Edmonton to accept a job in the survey industry. This allowed me to experience a new aspect of geomatics that after all my years of schooling I had never thought of pursuing.

GoGeomatics: What did you find compelling about the GoGeomatics community that made you want to get involved?

Lisa-Jen: GoGeomatics was interesting to me as I wanted to stay in touch with my GIS and Remote Sensing roots. Ultimately, I wanted to become active and make a difference, meet other geographers as well as look for new opportunities in the industry. GoGeomatics Canada provides those opportunities.

GoGeomatics: As a leader what do you do to make the events special and build the community?

Lisa-Jen: I lead the Edmonton group by listening to others speak about their experiences, encourage those around me to support geomatics by getting involved, and empower others to pursue new opportunities while challenge themselves. I strive for those involved in the GoGeomatics Meetups to encourage others to participate and come up with exciting and interesting ways to do our social Meetups, such as bowling, board-game nights, geocaching and of course, the pub socials. I wanted to organize these events to feel a part of a geospatial community. And now I can bring my new survey perspective to the group.


GoGeomatics: Why is being a GoGeomatics group leader important to you?

Lisa-Jen: Geomatics is a discipline that is rapidly advancing in knowledge and opportunities and it’s important to stay informed and current with our sector. Being a GoGeomatics group leader is important for our community because it brings people together in a positive space to discuss all types of career paths and to hear unique stories and experiences all the while sharing our common interests. I believe we are building consensus and enthusiasm and growing larger every month. So if you are in Edmonton, stop by to say “Hi” and stay for a drink at one of our socials.

GoGeomatics: Is there anyone you would like to thank for supporting and participating?

Lisa-Jen: I would like to thank June, Dianne, and Fiona for supporting the Edmonton group and helping me become a group leader. I would also like to thank Mariam for helping me organize the events and coming up with creative social games at meet-ups, also thank you, Shawn, Jen, Don, and James for suggesting some great places hold a social!

Edmonton Back to School GoGeomatics Social

GoGeomatics: A huge thank you Lisa-Jen for being our Edmonton group leader and to all our past Edmonton group leaders.  If you are reading this article and want to get involved in your local geospatial community by becoming a group leader in one of our existing groups or starting a new one please have a look at our volunteer opportunities below.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Lisa is awesome!

  2. Dianne says:

    Lisa is a natural leader. Not only has she organized fun events each month, she draws ideas from the crowd and motivates new leaders to come forward. Well done Lisa!

  3. Jenny Rodrigue says:

    Lisa is realizing her career dreams and loves her work and volunteer communities. So nice to see the dedication Lisa has for her career.

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