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Canadian National Surveyors’ Conference 2013 from June 18-21

Are you excited about the upcoming National Surveyors’ Conference 2013 from June 18-21 in Niagara Falls? You should be! In case the previous article wasn’t enough to encourage you, here are some extra tidbits.

Recruiting & Retaining the Best & Brightest

An advocacy initiative for the surveying community.

This Interactive National Forum is part of a larger advocacy based initiative to share best practices, identify challenges, and inform initiatives which will enable our community to recruit, support, and retain the best and the brightest to a career in surveying.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be heard.


  • short presentations by expert panelists
  • panel debates on specific questions
  • interactive discussion between panel & participants
  • documented proceedings

The expert panel will include representatives from the surveying industry, the HR profession, post-secondary schools, CBEPS, associations, upcoming professionals, and others.

Why you should be there:

For managers, business owners

  • Identify key areas to consider in your recruitment and retention practices.
  • Gain insights for future business and career decisions.

For individual participants

  • Identify trends and opportunities to help you position yourself and your skills for the career you want.

For the profession

  • Take part in a national discussion about our profession in society.
  • Help surveying gain a solid position in the area of recruiting and retaining great future surveyors.
  • Be part of building a substantive action plan advocating to the best & the brightest out there to join our profession.
  • Be heard in a key community dialogue.

Accompanying Persons Program

Niagara Falls is an area rich with activities and adventures! Accompanying persons can look forward to an exciting program that includes:

  • Guided hike in Niagara Glen to observe native wildlife ad experience the roar of the white water rapids.
  • Exploring the area around the falls, both Behind the Falls tour and the Maid of the Mist boat tour.
  • Great shopping at Canada One Factory outlets
  • VIP Wine Tour that includes a tour of Butterfly Conservatory, lunch at Queenston Heights Restaurant, and the Wine Sensory Garden Exploration at Reif Estate Winery .
  • Tour of Fort George
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake shopping and walk about

As well, you can take advantages of the many experience in the region, maybe take in a play at the Shaw Festival or visit the beautiful botanical gardens!

Register for this exciting event here!

ACLS Awards

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