Cansel Presentation at Lidar CANEX
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Cansel Presents Innovations in Lidar: The latest tech across industries at Lidar CANEX 2023

Cansel’s Amar Kalsi, 3D Reality Capture Industry Manager, Mike Hogan, 3D Reality Capture Segment Manager, and David Laflamme, Segment Manager, Mobile Mapping, presented a livestream presentation of Innovations in Lidar: The latest tech across industries at Lidar CANEX 2023 on Tuesday, April 25.

Kalsi began the presentation discussing hybrid reality capture using Faro Flash and its technologies, as well as Reality Capture using NavVis SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) Technology.

Faro Flash is a hybrid reality capture technique powered by flash technology. It reduces scan times, uses a high speed camera with series scanner, and produces high quality data. The benefits are increased productivity, faster data transfer, and colour visualization with no delay.  NavVis SLAM technology is described as a revolutionary  wearable mapping system. It is two to ten times faster than a traditional scanner. It has two Lidar sensors, four cameras and leading SLAM software. It is not meant to replace terrestrial laser scanners, but is a 100% complementary solution designed to integrate into current workflows. 

Hogan presented Cansel’s new UAV-based offerings. This year, Cansel aims to expand its UAV portfolio to better serve clients. Hogan introduced two new vendors, DJI Enterprise and GeoCue, and discussed how they will work with Cansel. He also spoke about the updates and work put into the Trimble Business Center (TBC).

Laflamme finished the presentation speaking on multiple mobile mapping solutions. Cansel’s solutions can be used across transportation, utilities, surveying, agriculture, archeology, mining and other sectors. Laflamme showed vivid examples of the products and their uses. Some of the products shown were Trimble MX7, Trimble MX50, and Trimble MX9. He also discussed related software and experience Cansel can use to assist clients. 

A Q&A session followed the presentation.

A gracious thank you to Cansel for being a Gold Sponsor for Lidar CANEX 2023. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors for Lidar CANEX 2023.


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