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Careers In Land Surveying

MacKinnon setting up a Leica RTK GPS unit

MacKinnon setting up a Leica RTK GPS unit

Land surveying is an exciting Geomatics Career Field that is in high demand and often over looked by many young people when choosing a career path. Land surveyors are involved in many aspects of geomatics including urban and rural planning, Global Positioning System  (GPS) related services, software development, land information management, legal surveys and much more.

There are many employment opportunities for surveyors that  currently exist in both the private and public sector such as professional land surveyors, land survey technicians, technologists, mapping technicians, and geomatics technicians. Companies such as Stewart Weir and McElhanney (plus many, many more …) are in need of surveyors so besure to check out the GoGeomatics  job board for some of the many jobs that they post there.

If Land Surveying is of any interest to you then I suggest that you may also want to check out: Guide to Becoming a Professional Surveyor in Canada

4 comments on "Careers In Land Surveying"

  1. The techniques used for surveying and land measurement are dependent upon the type of survey being conducted.

  2. bryan flake says:

    Throughout my life I have seen these types of people with the tripod that they are looking through. It would be so fun to learn how to use their equipment and survey my own land. Currently I am doing some estate planning and knoing these things for myself, could save me a bundle.

  3. Westly Smith says:

    I think that a career in land surveying would be good for me. Like you mention, there are a lot of opportunities for young people who are trying to choose a career. You say that there are a lot of employment opportunities. How can I find a job that’s close to where I live?

  4. Lisa-Jen says:

    Land Surveying is a fulfilling career! There is more of a need out there for field crews, especially if you are a faller…in Alberta anyways.
    Research a list of companies in your area and check the GoGeomatics website for job opportunities!

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