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Celebrating GIS Day at Carleton University

GIS Day is November 19, and GoGeomatics is looking forward to participating in this global celebration at Carleton University’s GIS Day. We’ll be offering a free resume clinic to anyone who stops by our table with their resume. We’ll also be handing out coupons for our upcoming Ottawa Career Seminar (more details to come). Jonathan Murphy, Managing Director of GoGeomatics, will also be giving a talk. Stop by and say hello!

gis day

GoGeomatics will be in very good company at Carleton GIS Day.  “We will have an exciting mix of people from industry, government, universities and colleges,” says Scott Mitchell, Associate Professor and Geomatics Program Supervisor at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University. He stresses that for Carleton, GIS Day is all about community engagement. “We host GIS Day as part of Geography Awareness Week to engage, educate, and share information about geography and geomatics with a variety of communities,” he says.

This event is being hosted by the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, in conjunction with the the MacOdrum Library’s Maps, Data and Government Information Centre. Hundreds are expected to attend the event in the Discovery Centre at Carleton’s Library, which is open to people of all ages with an interest in geography and GIS technology.

There is already an impressive lineup of speakers, exhibitors, and multimedia demonstrations that showcase different aspects of GIS, remote sensing, GPS, and related applications. Apart from GoGeomatics, other confirmed speakers are the Public Health Agency of Canada, Esri, Public Safety Canada, ASG Mapping, and Carleton’s Architecture Program. There will also be demonstrations of 3D printing and scanning, and GIS-based games. In addition, there will be specialized activities scheduled for the 200 high school students attending. Organizers hope that this will help spark and interest in geomatics and foster a new generation of geomatics students.

The theme of this year’s GIS Day is “discovering the world through GIS,” and that’s exactly what Carleton aims to do. “Greater awareness of what others are working on and what they’ve accomplished helps us be better at our own jobs,” says Scott Mitchell. “Also, increased awareness in the broader community helps to recruit more excellent people to our field, highlight common interests, and bring together the right people, contributing diverse skills and expertise to our common problems.”

GIS Day at Carleton is taking place Wednesday, November 19, 9:30am – 3:00pm in the 4th Floor Discovery Centre, MacOdrum Library. All are welcome.

Not in the Ottawa area? Take a look at our list of GIS Day activities across Canada.

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