CHCNAV joins the GoGeomatics Expo
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CHC Navigation joins the Calgary 2023 GoGeomatics Expo

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GoGeomatics Expo Welcomes

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) is a global provider of innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions covering a wide range of professional applications, including land and airborne surveys, conventional GNSS surveys, 3D data acquisition, precision farming, unmanned navigation and robotics, real-time GNSS infrastructure and more.

Technology integration for CHCNAV means going beyond survey instruments and developing geospatial tools that will provide effective decision-making solutions to the geospatial community. Significant and sustained investments in GNSS software, algorithms and core technology allow CHCNAV to provide leading-edge technologies that meet the exact needs of their users. CHCNAV has been committed to developing top-notch GNSS technology since its foundation in 2003, while ensuring that the technology remains affordable.

Today, CHC Navigation is a technological enabler trusted by geospatial professionals in more than 120 countries.

Early bird deadline for Exhibitor Booths is June 1st.  The best deals and booth locations are to be had now.

Download the exhibitor package and pick a booth.

Early Bird pricing for the GoGeomatic Expo is closing June 1, 2023

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