David Gachuche wins the Diversity Leadership Award
  • Posted on: February 6, 2024
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    Jon Murphy

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David Gachuche, the CEO of Rivercross Technologies honored with Diversity Leadership Award & Calgary White hat Ceremony

I’m pleased to share that on November 6th, 2023, at the Calgary GoGeomatics Expo, David Gachuche, the CEO of RiverCross Technologies, was honored with the prestigious GoGeomatics Diversity Leadership Award. The award ceremony, which took place during the main expo highlights leaders in the geomatics technology space.

David Gachuche has become a prominent figure in the global geomatics community. As the founder and CEO of RiverCross Technologies in Kenya – an innovative technology company serving the African Market, he has spearheaded innovative approaches in geospatial technology, transportation logistics, and data collection and analysis.  David is a geomatics engineering graduate of the University of Calgary. But beyond his technical expertise, Gachuche’s passion for nurturing talent has set him apart. His commitment to guiding young leaders in Canada and East Africa has fostered a diverse and inclusive environment in the geomatics field. David travels between North America and Africa managing RiverCross.

From left to right. David Gachuche, Carina Butterworth, Fraser Abbot

The White Hat Ceremony: A Symbol of Honor In addition to the GoGeomatics Diversity Leadership Award, Gachuche was also honored with a White Hat Ceremony by the City of Calgary. This tradition, a symbol of hospitality and goodwill, is reserved for distinguished guests and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the community. For Gachuche, this ceremony underscores his impact not just in the field of geomatics, but also in enriching the cultural and intellectual fabric of the communities he touches.

The Importance of Diversity Leadership Diversity leadership, especially in technical fields like geomatics, plays a crucial role in fostering innovation and inclusivity. By mentoring young leaders from varied backgrounds and helping to found conferences like GeoIgnite, Canada’s National leadership conference in 2019, Gachuche has helped to ensure that the future of geomatics is vibrant and inclusive.

His example sets a high bar for future leaders in geomatics and beyond, illustrating that true leadership involves not just technical proficiency but a commitment to lifting others and celebrating the diverse perspectives they bring to the table. Past winners of the diversity leadership award include Nadine Alameh the first recipient of the award in 2019.

On behalf of the community, we congratulate David Gachuche on his well-deserved awards.

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