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Deploy Software Solutions Fills in the Communication Gap When Needed Most

Improving Communication Between Citizens and Authorities During Disasters

During GeoIgnite, Winter Geo livestream on March 2, 2022, Nick Kellet, Founder and CEO of Deploy Software Solutions Inc, spoke about the communication gap between citizens and trusted authorities before, during, and after a disaster. Kellet wants to close this communication gap and has been developing software to help.

Since 2018, this company has been focused on community and individual solutions to climate change, its impacts, and natural disasters. He spoke about climate change impacts such as storms and floods, and climate change research efforts using surveys and interviews with hundreds of people including citizens, scientists, NGO’s and members of government. 

Trusted authorities are organizations or individuals who have experience, knowledge, and expertise regarding issues and impacts involving global warming and climate change, who can provide unbiased advice and accept the current scientific understanding of both climate change and global warming. 

Nick Kellet, Founder and CEO of Deploy Software Solutions Inc

From these surveys and interviews, Kellet and his team were able to identify the top problems getting citizens to act. The top three problems included feeling overwhelmed by the amount and variety of information provided, the information isn’t personalized for the citizens’ needs, and trusted authorities having trouble sharing and collaborating information with the people. 

Deploy Software Solutions is developing a prototype called the Climate Change Impact Portal, which gives people individualized help and information to prepare and recover from the impacts of climate change. The users would be citizens and trusted authorities. There are two parts of the prototype, one part is for the citizens and the other part is for the trusted authorities. 

Kellet says the next steps for Deploy Software Solutions are to continue developing the prototype, work on a Citizen Science R&D Project and other scheduled projects with academic institutions and students, and to have a flood simulation to test the prototype later in 2022.

A deep, heartfelt thank you to Deploy Software Solutions Inc, a Silver Sponsor for Canada’s National Geospatial Conference, GeoIgnite, Winter Geo.

An intriguing Q and A session followed the presentation. You can watch this interesting presentation on Youtube below.

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