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Discover Business Geografic’s GEO Software platform

GEO Software is Business Geografic’s innovative and powerful GIS and Business Intelligence platform. GEO technologies, protected by an international patent, are the result of a unique initiative in France carried out with several research laboratories around the world. GEO provides technologies, tools and solutions to generate, disseminate and share all kinds of web and mobile, professional and public cartographic applications in responsive HTML5 mode.

The strengths of GEO are its interoperability, its functional richness and its power. GEO Generator provides you with the highest levels of freedom and autonomy ever offered on the global GIS market. Thanks to its user-friendly, innovative and powerful approach, it enables to generate its own maps and cartographic applications from its own geographic and business data. For everyone, for every need, for every device. Business Geografic offers a powerful range of innovative and universal web GEO Services to enable you to enrich all of your maps, GIS applications and Geo-Business Intelligence tools with high value geospatial features and analyses. Business Geografic also specializes in collaborative Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and naturally complies with OGC’s standards and the ISO standards laid down by the European INSPIRE Directive.

Business Geografic Geo Generator

Business Geografic also offers GEO Solutions for each technical activity in public and private structures of all types: land registration, zoning, town planning, water, sanitation, energy, telecom, rail, smart cities, roadway, road information systems, etc… GEO includes software and geomarketing services for businesses and franchises (EasyRetail). All of the GEO Solutions are interconnected within the GEO platform to ensure seamless technological consistency. They provide a variety of selection, publishing and spatial analysis tools. Business Geografic’s GEO Solutions also support business-specific technical standards and legal requirements.

Business Geografic Geo Lighting

Business Geografic also integrates the geographical dimension at the heart of the decision-making processes, with an ongoing dynamic combining creativity and technological progress. GEO meets all the needs of the public and private sectors, from geo-representation to geo-prospective planning by way of geo-reporting and geo-analytics of data and key indicators, regardless of the volumes of data. The Géoclip statistical web observatory solution is used to draw up portraits of territories by visualising and exploring a wide variety of geolocalised statistical data presented in the form of maps, charts and reports, etc. GEO Key is designed to build powerful decision-making and prospective cartographic dashboards that are dynamically linked to the data. Business Geografic also collaborates with the Research and Development teams of world leaders in decision-making, in order to create synergies between the world of BI and that of GIS. Business Geografic notably provides GeoQlik for QlikView and Qlik Sense as well as GeoBI for SAP BusinessObjects.

Business Geografic Geo Key

Business Geografic operating its own dedicated datacenters, GEO Software is natively designed in SaaS mode. The SaaS offer allows customers to host their data and applications in certified for Quality and Security infrastructures (ISO 27001). Alternatively, GEO offers can also be rolled out on your very own information technology infrastructure.

A veteran with over 25 years of experience in the fields of GIS and Location Intelligence, Business Geografic has been building strong collaborations with more than 150 reselling partners globally and 10,000 end-users within 50 countries. In close collaboration with Business Geografic’s French-based headquarters, the Montreal subsidiary will strengthen the company’s sales in North America and beyond.