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Do You Want A Geospatial Career in Canada?

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GoGeomatics is well known for providing resources to Canadian geospatial job seekers. Now, we’re extending our reach to job seekers around the world who are interested in moving to Canada to work in Canada’s geospatial sector.

The International Employment Guide to Geospatial Careers in Canada is an e-book designed for international geospatial professionals looking for employment in Canada in GIS, remote sensing, surveying, geodesy, and geomatics engineering.

International job seekers have a lot of challenges to overcome when competing in the Canadian job market. There are cultural differences, communication and language difficulties, problems networking from overseas, and more. This resource guide provides strategies to tackle those challenges head-on with expert tips and inside secrets from an organization that understands the Canadian geospatial job market. In addition, you’ll receive enhanced geospatial resume and cover letter templates that you can use in your own job search.

This extensive career guide includes the following topics:


  • An introduction to CanadaEbook300x250blue
  • The employment situations in each Canadian province
  • Methods of finding work in Canada
  • Writing an effective geomatics resume – dos and don’ts
  • Crafting a persuasive cover letter
  • Communication strategies
  • A guide to successful interviews
  • Social media and online networking
  • Information on licensing and certifications
  • Sample geomatics resumes and cover letters
  • Links to outside resources, including geomatics job sites, schools with geomatics programs, Canadian geomatics associations, and employment resources

Finding a geospatial job in Canada can be a difficult and intimidating environment to navigate, and many people don’t know where to begin. This guide provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to come to Canada to work in its thriving geospatial industry. Please note that the guide is available in English only.

GoGeomatics Canada has been providing resources to geomatics job seekers for the past five years. In that time, we have developed an expert understanding of the industry, and what hiring managers are looking for. In this career guide, GoGeomatics is sharing that specialized insight and top techniques with geospatial job seekers across the world.

The cost of this career guide is $40 (Canadian dollars). To purchase this book, use our secure PayPal system. You do not need a PayPal account, only a credit card. Sign in as a job seeker on our home page. Then, go to the products page and choose the International Employment Guide to Geospatial Careers in Canada.

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