Dr. Bob Maher back at COGS
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Dr. Bob Maher, accepts position of Geographer Emeritus at COGS in Lawrencetown.

In late October, the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) made a noteworthy announcement to our esteemed faculty and students: I, Dr. Bob Maher, am honored to assume the position of Geographer Emeritus at COGS in Lawrencetown.

Following my retirement from COGS and AGRG, I’ve actively maintained my network of contacts, primarily through my blog at ernestblairexperiment.wordpress.com.

My colleague, Heather Stewart, and I have established our permanent residence in Paradise, Annapolis County, a mere hour’s walk from COGS. Currently, my arrangement involves attending Dave MacLean’s GIS class on Wednesday mornings. This allows me to stay abreast of the dynamic changes in GIS technology and the evolving landscape of face-to-face and online learning.

My keen interest in the role of ‘Geographer Emeritus’ is rooted in a commitment to ensuring that we don’t lose sight of the profound importance of Geography in our ever-evolving world. This extends to a deep appreciation for our ‘sense of place,’ encompassing our relationships with the land, other species, and our collective environment. COGS stands as a unique institution, distinguished by its focus on geographic sciences and boasting a significant history dating back to the early ’80s from my perspective.

My role extends beyond the formalities of retirement, as I aim to remind NSCC, including COGS, that our individual values persist far beyond our departure from formal teaching and research roles. Our experiences, rooted in various geographies, continue to shape us beyond retirement.

I see myself as a voice for the vital relationship between learning institutions and their surrounding geography. The ongoing activities and projects at COGS remain deeply relevant to life in rural Nova Scotia and extend their impact beyond.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of a visit from an old school friend with whom I shared experiences in England in the late ’50s. I look forward to fostering similar connections and shared experiences with COGS alumni and friends from the late ’80s onward.

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