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EnWin Utilities Recognized for Using GIS to Improve Access to Key Operational Information

Consolidating hydro and water network data into a single geodatabase provides better decision support

London, Esri Canada User Conference EnWin Utilities (EnWin) received an Award of Excellence today from Esri Canada for its adoption of geographic information system (GIS) technology to drive operational efficiency throughout the organization. Embracing GIS as a key business system, EnWin has transformed the management of its hydro and water network assets by consolidating data from numerous systems into the GIS. This has significantly improved the visibility and quality of data across the utility and enabled them to better understand where to focus maintenance and capital expenditures.

EnWin distributes electricity to 77,600 residential and 8,700 commercial and industrial customers in the City of Windsor. The utility also provides managed services of the City’s water system for the Windsor Utilities Commission. Prior to 2012, EnWin encountered challenges in managing their network assets efficiently because infrastructure data was maintained in various systems. To address these challenges, EnWin adopted Esri’s ArcGIS platform. They digitized and migrated paper-based CAD drawings and previously georeferenced infrastructure maps into the Esri format. They selected data models to ensure consistency in managing network information.

“GIS is helping us achieve tremendous efficiencies and improvements throughout our organization,” said Colin Hicks, Manager of Geomatics at EnWin Utilities. “The ability to analyze our data spatially has given us a better view of the integrity and performance of our networks. It has also set our company up to expand on the technology, allowing us to make better decisions based on accurate information in support of delivering safe and reliable hydro and water services to the Windsor area.”

To ensure data quality, EnWin uses ArcGIS for Windows Mobile as well as survey devices to help their surveyors collect high-precision GPS data on field assets under construction. Once collected, the information is sent to GIS users in the office to ensure that the assets are properly integrated into EnWin’s network. The solution is also used to verify attribute information on existing assets, keeping the utility’s network data up to date.

With ArcGIS, the utility can visualize meter-to-transformer relationships to help improve the quality of their meter data management system. It allows them to determine transformer loading, thus increasing the speed and accuracy of locating overloaded transformers. The utility also implemented Schneider Electric’s ArcFM solution, which enables them to visualize and inspect the state of their networks and quickly generate customer lists for planned outage notices.

In the future, EnWin will deploy Schneider Electric’s Responder Outage Management System solution, which will help the utility to reduce the duration of outages by locating them faster. EnWin will also use ArcGIS Online to notify their customers of outages, allowing them to deliver real-time updates via an easily accessible Web map.

“EnWin has demonstrated how GIS can transform an organization by getting accurate information to the people who need it, when they need it,” said Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada. “By embracing GIS as a key business system, they’ve established a solid framework for continuous improvement of their operations and services.”

About EnWin Utilities Ltd.

EnWin Utilities Ltd. is Windsor’s Local Distribution Company, responsible for the distribution of electricity and the servicing and maintenance of Windsor’s power line infrastructure. As well, EnWin Utilities Ltd. is a management services company providing operations management, fleet, billing, collections, credit, financial, human resources, customer service; and information technology services to the Windsor Utilities Commission (water treatment and distribution), and wastewater billing services to the City of Windsor. More information can be found at enwin.com.

About Esri Canada
Founded in 1984, Esri Canada provides enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower businesses, governments and educational institutions to make timely, informed and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography.  The company distributes the world’s leading GIS software from Esri, Schneider Electric, Cityworks – Azteca Systems, Inc. and other technology partners.  Headquartered in Toronto, the company serves over 10,000 customers from 16 regional offices across Canada.  Esri Canada has joined the elite rank of Canada’s Best Managed companies and has been named to the Branham300.  Information about the company can be found at esri.ca. Follow Esri Canada on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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