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Eos Positioning Systems joins Calgary expo tradeshow

GoGeomatics Expo Welcomes

Eos Positioning Systems, known as Eos, is a designer and manufacturer of high-accuracy GNSS hardware and related solutions in North America. Eos designs and manufactures all products in Terrebonne, near Montreal, Quebec. The company manufactures the Arrow GNSS receivers, which are compatible with all mobile devices and third-party collection apps. The company partners with a wide-range of hardware and software providers

Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, Eos aims to reflect a new beginning in high-accuracy locations and positioning. The company takes pride in being a company of firsts, and continually pushes to explore all possibilities for high-accuracy Bluetooth® location technology. 

Eos has made its mission to make the often complex world of GNSS positioning (with related technologies) accessible to all and easier to use. Eos prides itself by creating reliable, professional and affordable real-time GNSS locations in mobile workflows with GNSS receivers providing submeter to centimeter level accuracy. 

Early bird deadline for Exhibitor Booths is June 1st.  The best deals and booth locations are to be had now.

Download the exhibitor package and pick a booth.

Early Bird pricing for the GoGeomatic Expo is closing June 1, 2023


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