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Esri Canada GIS Scholarships

Calling all Canadian GIS students!

Through the GIS Scholarships program, Esri Canada recognizes Canadian post-secondary institutions that deliver strong, multidisciplinary GIS courses and programs. Students from 60 colleges and universities across the country are eligible for grants through this program. It provides recipients with great networking opportunities, funding and access to extensive GIS resources including Esri software, books and training to develop their GIS skills and knowledge.

The 2021 GIS Scholarships are open to students currently enrolled at a participating institution. As faculties are responsible for selecting and nominating candidates. Students who are interested should contact their instructor for eligibility and application requirements at your institution.

Participating institutions will need to submit the names of their candidates between January 15 and April 15, 2021. All required information and documents, including a poster and report, must be received by Esri Canada before the candidate will be confirmed as a scholarship recipient and no later than June 1, 2021.

The poster and report to be submitted by all candidates aim to showcase and demonstrate their use of Esri technology in project setting, lab work, or in their own desired research use, for example, past year recipients have reported on the use of Esri technology in public health, combating climate change, conservation and urban geography.

Besides a written report, it is not surprising that candidates can also choose a story map to present their work. Although there are no word limits for the story map, it is still expected to be in an appropriate length to be engaging and contains enough information.

If you are not enrolled in a participating institution, full-time students in Canada who use Esri technology are still encouraged to apply for Esri Young Scholars Award which has similar timeline and requirements.

2021 GIS Scholarships

The scholarship consists of the following, to be provided directly to the successful student candidate:

1. A one-time payment of $2000

2. A three-year term license of Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop software for education and research use, which includes the following:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap)
  • ArcGIS Desktop Extensions Bundle: ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst, ArcGIS Data Reviewer, ArcGIS Data Interoperability, ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcGIS Schematics, ArcGIS Workflow Manager, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS Image Analyst, ArcGIS Publisher, ArcGIS LocateXT
  • ArcGIS Online Organization Plan (includes 100 service credits and 1 named user)
  • Complimentary maintenance (provides software updates, technical support and unlimited access to e-learning courses through the Esri Training site)

3. A three-year term license of the following Premium Apps:

  • ArcGIS GeoPlanner
  • ArcGIS Insights (includes 1000 service credits)
  • ArcGIS Urban

4. A three-year Professional-level subscription to the ArcGIS Developer Program (ADP), which includes ArcGIS Enterprise for development purposes as well as ArcGIS CityEngine

5. Digital copies of select Esri Press Publications including:

  • Python Scripting for ArcGIS Pro
  • Getting to Know Web GIS, 4th Edition
  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6

6. Two Esri Canada instructor-led training courses

7. Registration for one of Esri Canada’s User Conferences

8. A personal and editable profile in the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Web Portal

The recipient of the scholarship must also submit to Esri Canada:

  1. a poster and
  2. a report. Format guidelines for both are available through the scholarship web portal.  The report may be submitted as a story map.

The above deliverables must be submitted to the scholarship coordinator by June 1, 2021. If they have not been submitted by this date and the candidate has not arranged for an extension, the candidate will forfeit the scholarship.

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