Exploring Leadership Program at the GoGeomatics Expo
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Exploring Leadership Program at the GoGeomatics Expo

This dynamic and engaging program takes a look at what makes leaders effective and how we can shape the next generation. Listen to experts explore the importance of effective leadership and discuss how visionary guidance can drive strategies and shape the future, the significance of diversity and driving organizations towards sustainable geospatial solutions.

Presentations & Discussions

Discussing the Opportunities & Future of Canada’s National Geomatics Expo

This compelling panel discussion will delve into the groundbreaking significance of this first-of-its-kind expo, exploring why it is a game-changer for both the public and private sectors, and how it charts a new course for the geospatial industry in Canada.

This panel discussion takes place after the expo reception buffet. Participants must buy a reception ticket to attend this panel discussion.

Navigating The Digital Geospatial Revolution at Suncor

Teams and professionals across a myriad of disciplines have embraced and pushed the limits of Geospatial data and software. The constant demand for newer and higher-resolution data has relegated the paper map to secondary status as the tool for spatial communication. And as this process moves towards automation, near real-time information streaming and more machines, Geomatics will be there to help and guide the process.

Insights into High Performance Teams: Why the Most Successful Teams are Coached

When teams are supported by high impact coaching, the outcome on the team’s ability to adapt and thrive is significantly higher. This presentation will deconstruct the basics of a team, compare high performing teams to pseudo teams, and explore the importance of teamship and team culture. A team coaching model and structure will be peeled apart to illustrate how it differs from ‘curriculum team coaching’ and ‘group coaching’. We will then examine how is it that team coaching can have such a profound impact on team success – and on the whole organization.

Diversity Leadership Panel

As the common goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion become even more widespread, organizations have the daunting task of figuring out what works. It is our vision the expo will spur the grassroots of a more diverse ecosystem where diversity of thinking and knowledge will ignite innovation and better outcomes for us all. This year the panel is moving the conversation forward by focusing on ideas to develop and encourage the next generation of tech leaders within our sector.

Leadership Panel: What is Teamship & Why Does it Matter to Geomatics Leadership?

Organizations aren’t made up simply of leaders. In our quest for the best leadership, have we overlooked or forgotten about the skills, resources, and commitment to developing and empowering teams with shared goals to collaborate?  The panel will share opinions and experiences of the value of Geomatics/Earth Observation leadership fostering not only a transformative executive teamship mindset, but also supporting and cultivating a sustainable teamship culture across the entire interdependent organization.

Launch of Geomatics Expo Awards Program

As part of the annual Canadian Expo program, GoGeomatics will be looking to recognize and award individuals and companies that have shown top-level leadership, innovation and forward thinking in the geomatics field. The first set for activities at the Expo this year and the second set for next year allowing the community to participate by nominating awardees to be considered.

Awards Presented at this year’s Expo: Geospatial Diversity Leadership Award, Best Booth, Best Talk, Best Panel, GoGeomatics Volunteer Awards, Fast Pitch Awards

Presented at the 2024 Expo: Game Changer Award, Innovation Award, Thought Leadership, Public Sector Focused, Larger Picture Strategy, Leadership Award

A Deep Dive for Leaders into How High Impact Team Coaching Increases Organizational Value & Drives Result

Building upon the earlier presentation “Insights into High Performance Teams: Why the most Successful Teams are Coached”, this workshop is designed for Geomatics/EO leaders and senior managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the value, sustainability and ROI of team coaching. Whether you already have highly functional teams within your organization, are struggling to find an antidote to the underperformance of existing teams, or feel it is time your organization explores how it can develop and benefit from effective teams, this is a “roll up your sleeves” workshop.

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