Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GoGeomatics Canada?

GoGeomatics Canada is a community driven effort to promote and organize the geospatial community from the grassroots. There are 6 geospatial networking groups in cities across Canada. To date, we have hosted 500+ geospatial networking events. The annual ‘Back to School Socials’ have been running for 8 years. These fun, free geospatial events are organized across the country, by 40+ volunteers who lead the vibrant online community.

GoGeomatics Canada is the most popular magazine in Canada’s geospatial sector for geospatial news, events, jobs, community engagement, and communications. Hundreds of Canadian geomatics organizations post their jobs, news, and events on GoGeomatics Canada. We have published over 1,500 Canadian geomatics articles, and our Canadian Spatial Times newsletter has 6,000+ subscribers.

Q: How do I advertise with GoGeomatics Canada?

You can read about our available marketing and advertising options by downloading our media kit here. Please send us an email to find the advertising option that is right for you.

Q:  How do I support GoGeomatics Canada’s efforts to build a strong geomatics sector in Canada?

You can make a monthly donation as an individual or corporation. Businesses and organizations are encouraged to post jobs, events, and press releases in GoGeomatics magazine. When you pay for these services, the money is put back into GoGeomatics to help our community grow.

Q: How do I get on the mailing list for GoGeomatics events, news, jobs, and events in the community?

You can use our contact form to subscribe to our GoGeomatics mailing list. Alternatively if your city has a GoGeomatics Meetup group, visit the Group page and sign up on

Q: How do I contribute to the GoGeomatics Magazine and join the Editors & Writers group?

You can visit this page to learn about how to become a member of our Editors & Writers group.  GoGeomatics Canada encourages contributions from everyone in the community.

Q: What is a GoGeomatics group, and how do I start one?

GoGeomatics Canada groups are free monthly socials for geomatics professionals, enthusiasts, students, business, and entrepreneurs. Meet at your local pub or coffee shop to network and have a good time!

You can set up a GoGeomatics group by volunteering to be group leader for your region or city. Read more about volunteering here.

Q: How do I find GoGeomatics on Social Media?

You can follow us on Twitter @GoGeomatics, through our Linkedin Group, & Facebook. With 7,000+ followers, we are one of the most widely followed social media users in Canadian geomatics!

Q: Who runs GoGeomatics Canada?

The groups and the magazine are lead and run by a small staff and many volunteers in the Canadian geomatics community.

Q: Where are you located?

GoGeomatics is located in Ottawa, Canada.

Q: How do we send you a letter?

C/O Jonathan Murphy, GoGeomatics Canada
 PO BOX #421 – 207 Bank Street
, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2N2, Canada

Q: How can I reach you by phone?

You can set up communications with GoGeomatics by sending us an email on the contact us form.  We will get back to you with all necessary contact information.

Q: Something on the site is broken or seems broken. What’s up with that?

You can use the contact form to let us know about a technical issue. We will respond as soon as we can, as we greatly appreciate any notifications that help us to better serve you.