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Full Day of Open Source Geospatial Workshops Added to GeoIgnite 2019 Conference Schedule

GeoIgnite is excited to be increasing the value of our national geospatial event by adding a full day of workshops to our schedule!

OSGEO and GeoIgnite 2019 will present two half-day sessions, with the day introduced by Will Cadell, CEO of Sparkgeo and FOSS4G organizer for Calgary 2020.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about open source geospatial tools but didn’t know where to start?

This one day work shop will answer your open source geospatial questions. Discover how open source geospatial tools might compliment, enhance or replace your current workflow.

Morning Session

Title: The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Open Source Geospatial Stack

When: June 17th, 2019, 9am
Where: Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
Address: 200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3
Who should Attend? Senior executives, managers, analysts, students, and non-technical individuals
Visit the registration page here

Afternoon Session

Title: Hands on Workshop Quantifying the Tree Canopy cover in Ottawa

When: June 17th, 2019, 1pm
Where: Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
Address: 200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3
Who should Attend? Participants with a technical background and can code. That means you, GIS folks!
Visit the registration page here

On Monday June 17th OSGEO Ottawa will be providing insights on the possibilities and challenges of leveraging and integrating an open source GIS stack into applications and projects.

What will you learn? Participants will discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of open source GIS tools, whether these tools fit their needs, and what the potential challenges are in implementing them.

Morning Session: The presentations by OSGEO geospatial experts will include “Open-source stack: GIS databases, SDI / servers, desktop, web and mobile clients” and “Integration of open-source stack within existing military GIS systems”. They will discuss themes such as leveraging QGIS Desktop and the Semi-Automatic Classification plugin; the use of a PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer/MapServer, and OpenLayers stack; and leveraging GeoNode to manage and share geospatial data on the web. Participants will have a chance to learn about the open source GIS tools that are available for their needs, and how to use them.

Afternoon session: “Quantifying the tree canopy cover in Ottawa” is a hands-on workshop for participants with a technical background. Attendees will have a chance to gain practical experience with open source GIS tools by building a QGIS project from scratch and sharing it on the web. Participants will be using Python in QGIS, publishing data in GeoServer, and working with data. Bring your laptops!

The day will conclude with GeoBeers at a nearby location (to be determined).

Thank you to Sparkgeo for supporting our OSGEO Ottawa Open Source Geo Workshop!

Full Schedule


9:00 | Welcome GeoIgnite 2019 Open Source Track) by Will Cadell of Sparkgeo and FOSS4G in Calgary 2020

9:20 | OSGeo Introduction (Jerome St-Louis)

9:30 | Open-source stack: GIS databases, SDI / servers, desktop, web and mobile clients (Stefan Simon)

9:45 | Integration of open-source stack within existing military GIS systems (Anthony Mayne)

10:15 | Case study: GIS in public administration (Stefan Simon)

10:30 | Break

10:45 | QGis Overview (Regie Alam)

11:00 | Remote-Sensing with QGIS (Adreeta Sarmah)

11:15 | Geospatial Servers (QGIS Server & GeoServer) (Stefan Simon)

11:35 | OpenLayers – JS API – (Stefan Simon)

11:50 | GeoNode – For deploying Spatial Data Infrastructures (Stefan Simon)

12:00 | Lunch


1:00-4:00 | Introduction to the Open-Source Geospatial Stack Hands-On Workshop

Case study: Quantifying the tree canopy cover in Ottawa

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