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GeoAlberta 2014 Wants You Take a Geocache Selfie

GeoAlberta 2014 has just announced a fun geocache contest for all those attending their upcoming conference! They’ve hidden two GeoAlberta geocaches out in the world – one in Edmonton and one in Calgary – and they’re challenging all conference-goers to flex their GPS skills and find those geocaches. Participants have a chance to win a great prize sponsored by Esri Canada!

This contest is part of a whole host of new and exciting activities that GeoAlberta has introduced for their 12th annual conference, including socials, special interest groups, and a photo booth. The idea began after a request was made for a workshop on “How to Geocache,” which has since been added to the program.

The GeoAlberta Geocache sounds like the perfect activity to add to your Thanksgiving long-weekend plans! “Adventure is always around the corner, and geomatics technology allows you to find new places or figure out how to get home,” says Brad Ashley, Co-Chair of GeoAlberta. “We are hopeful that many conference delegates will take part in the first GeoAlberta Geocache and that it will become a mainstay in the conference program.”

How to Enter

Find one of the geocaches in either Edmonton or Calgary using the coordinates below. Then, take a selfie with the geocache! When you’re at GeoAlberta 2014, visit the Social Corner on October 28 to upload your selfie and prove your eligibility. Prizes have been sponsored by Esri Canada, and will be drawn from eligible geocachers!

Here are your coordinates – good luck!

CALGARY: N 51°03’18.252″ , W 114°04’5.420″
EDMONTON: N 53°32’2.9724″ , W 113°30’45.4032″

After the conference on Wednesday, October 29, head over to the Libertine Public House for the GoGeomatics Calgary October Social! It’s a great way to kick back and discuss the geocache and the conference with some great geomatics folks.

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