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Geomatics Engineering at UCalgary: Join a global leading program in education and research


Housed within the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, the Department of Geomatics Engineering is one of the top geomatics engineering programs in the world. Our innovative program focuses on education, research, and technological advancements in the areas of developing new geospatial tools, harnessing big data through the IoT, satellites, 3D imaging, remote sensors, and autonomous robots. We are proud of the many advancements that have been developed by our faculty and world-renowned research teams, leading major funding projects relating to surveying, satellite positioning (using GPS and other GNSS technologies), imaging systems, IoT, sensor innovations for both smartphones and autonomous vehicles navigation, earth observation systems, and geospatial information systems (GIS). 

Further information about our department can be found here: https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/geomatics

Position your future

3-year Polytechnic Transfer pathway: This new pathway allows students with approved technical diplomas to transfer up to 10 courses, and offers a three-year program to complete a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering.

Read more about the pathway here: https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/future-students/undergraduate/programs/transfer-program-bachelor-science-geomatics-engineering

Professional Master’s degree (MEng) in Geomatics Engineering: This graduate program is designed for professionals with a BSc in engineering, computer science, physics, or geography, and offers them a competitive advantage in an increasingly global economy that is more and more reliant on digitized location and positioning data.

Read more about the MEng in Geomatics Engineering here:


BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree in Geomatics Engineering with 6 Engineering Minors: The fully accredited BSc in Geomatics Engineering offers 5 minors: Software, Aerospace, Biomedical, Digital, Energy and Environment; and 1 concentration in Cadastral Surveying to support our graduates in becoming world-class leaders in geomatics engineering.

Read more about the BSc in Geomatics Engineering here: https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/future-students/undergraduate/programs/bsc-geomatics-engineering

New Minor in Software Engineering: The rapid evolution of geomatics engineering as a discipline has created high industry demand for geomatics engineers with a strong background in software engineering. The minor in Software Engineering offered in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering, brings a distinct understanding of software engineering knowledge (and associated skillset) to students in the geomatics engineering major.

Read more about the new minor here: https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/news/node/30146 and https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/news/node/30117

MSc and PhD Research degrees in Geomatics Engineering: The Department of Geomatics Engineering has been globally recognized for its research contributions in the rapidly evolving discipline of Geomatics Engineering. With 16 faculty members, 9 research laboratory spaces, and annual multi-million-dollar revenue in research funding, the graduate research program specializes in four research priorities: geodesy, remote sensing and earth observation; digital imaging systems; positioning, navigation and wireless location; and GIScience and land tenure.

Read more about the research degree programs here: https://schulich.ucalgary.ca/geomatics/programs/graduate