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Geomatics Job Hunting Tools: ignore LinkedIn at your peril

In a previous article I talked about strategies for helping you to find geomatics jobs in Canada.  All the way at the bottom I gave some space for LinkedIn.  Some of the questions I get asked quite a bit at the GoGeomatics social events go like this.

“Is LinkedIn something I should be participating in? Should I have a profile”

I always answer the same.  “Are you crazy? You’re not on LinkedIn yet?  Then I roll my eyes and laugh derisively.  It’s quite entertaining.

I was inspired to write this new piece by an email I received from LinkedIn. An award really for being an uber LinkedIn nerd.  You can see it in the image below.  They are promoting the fact they have reached 200 million users.  What does it mean?  Should I spend more time with the family?  Maybe, but it’s also an indication of effective social media networking by me.  That’s what  got me in the top two hundred thousand profiles on LinkedIn.Top 1% of Linkedin for netowrking and geomatics

So what?  I’m a 1%  big deal. It matters a lot because I receive many emails and contacts for work through LinkedIn.  I connect with job seekers and employers. Not to mention many of the people you see posting articles on the GoGeomatics Canada magazine are contacts from LinkedIn.

But seriously. You’re not on LinkedIn yet?   You must be mad or so self-assured that you have got your next geomatics job is in the bag. If not remember LinkedIn is THE social media space for job hunting and networking within the Canadian geomatics community.  If you’re a student, you should be building your network now to leverage upon graduation.  Start a profile while in school and build up those GIS and geomatics contacts.  You can join my network if you send me an invite. Try to find me! If you’re a professional and not on LinkedIn you should be building your profile and creating a network as well.  No job is 100% safe. Ask the GIS people who worked for the Canadian federal government. They took a shellacking last year.

LinkedIn enables you to follow geomatics companies that interest you (engage with key geomatics staffers, so they can get to know you). LinkedIn also has a fine job search tool, and will send you weekly updates of jobs that match your area of interest.

The GoGeomatics Canada Job board also allows you to interact with LinkedIn. You can use your LinkedIn profile to upload your resume and check connections with companies that have posted jobs on the board.

The groups on LinkedIn are also a great resource for finding people and companies that share your geomatics interests.  By posting and answering questions within LinkedIn groups you establish yourself as a credible member of the community (it does depend on what you post).  Join the GoGeomatics Canada LinkedIn group its one of the largest in Canada for geomatics.

  • Create a quality LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn is a common tool for hiring agents, so put your best foot forward.
  • Keep your social media profiles and accounts clean and professional. HR people will look you up.
  • If you see jobs posted in discussion boards on LinkedIn, reply privately to the poster.
  • If it doesn’t jeopardize you in some way, be open! Share the fact that you are searching for a new job with your network and briefly tout your expertise.

If you follow some of this advice you will ensure a solid LinkedIn portfolio which will raise your profile and increase your chances of landing a great geomatics job.  Good Luck.

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  1. Simeon says:

    Right. I got “job-hunted” twice thanks to LinkedIn.

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