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GeoSeer, A GeoSpatial Web-Services Search Engine

GeoSeer is a search engine with over 1.6 million distinct spatial datasets from over 200,000 public geospatial web services, covering Web Map Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS), Web Coverage Services (WCS), and Web Map Tile Services (WMTS). The datasets and services are largely Open Data and freely available.

GeoSeer has provided a completely free (and ad-free) web-search since early 2018, making public, OGC-standards compliant services more discoverable and accessible to end users. It is designed to solve the data discoverability problem, helping people and organisations realise some of the €75 billion in economic and other benefits that the European Commission estimate that Open Data will provide across the EU in 2020 alone.

In April 2019 GeoSeer released a public API. The API allows organisations and businesses to integrate its industry leading database of geospatial web services directly into their WebGIS’ and applications, improving end-user workflows and making discovery and use of third-party data much easier.

The API also provides key features that are not included in the free web-search. This includes a services search feature for finding services rather than datasets, the ability to search by spatial location, and the ability to list all datasets on a service.

GeoSeer also maintains and publishes extensive statistics on the global state of these services, including an array of plots showing which locations in the world have the most datasets. These statistics provide interesting and current insights into the world’s geospatial web service provision.

You can find out more about GeoSeer here: https://www.geoseer.net/about.php
And more about the GeoSeer API here: https://www.geoseer.net/api.php

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