Geospatial Resume and Cover Letter Writing

GoGeomatics Career Coach Jonathan Murphy working on a resume and cover letter

The geospatial job market is a tough place, especially for young professionals. The competition is fierce: most GIS jobs posted see 75-150 resumes. Put yourself ahead of the competition by using the GoGeomatics geospatial resume writing service. We provide services to help job seekers find meaningful employment in GIS, remote sensing, surveying, and other related fields. By working with GoGeomatics, you will be sure to have a professionally tailored resume that will showcase your skills and experience in the best way possible.

Who Can Benefit from This Service?

Anyone in the geomatics job market can benefit from GoGeomatics professional resume and cover letter writing services; in particular:

  • New graduates with little work experience
  • Non-native English speakers
  • People who are changing careers
  • Those who have been out of the job market for a long time
  • Job seekers applying to a highly competitive field
  • Those who are applying to a specific job
  • Anybody who wants a second pair of eyes on their resume and cover letter

Why Use GoGeomatics Resume Writing Services?

You’ve already spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education to invest in your career. Now that you’re ready to enter the job market, don’t sabotage your chances by neglecting the final step: A professional resume and cover letter.

Your resume and cover letter are your first impressions; they should prove to the employer that you can organize and present  information correctly. It will be your resume and cover letter that get you an interview.

GoGeomatics Canada is comprised of an innovative team of geomatics and communications professionals with extensive experience in effective geospatial career development strategies. We know geomatics, we know recruiters, and we know what hiring managers are looking for from your resumes. We use proven techniques in resume and cover letter writing that will help get your application noticed, and get you an interview.

Brittney Bourdages a graduate of the Fleming Applications Specialist GIS program in 2017 had this to say about her experience with geospatial career coaching.

“I was struggling to be noticed as an entry level applicant and I needed a resume to match the skills I had acquired as a recent GIS graduate. After using the services provided by GoGeomatics, the interest in my resume has exploded. One manager even took the time to note that I had one of the best structured resumes he’d ever seen”. My new GIS resume has allowed me to really stand out as a candidate and I have since been selected as one of six out of 90 applicants for a government internship. I strongly encourage anyone searching for a career in GIS to use this service!”

– Brittney Bourdages, GIS Applications Specialist, Ontario

“I used the GoGeomatics resume and cover letter writing service. The Career Coach was able to view my resume and cover letter through the eyes of a hiring manager, and streamline them so that the important information got across. I found the service to be professional and useful, and would recommend this service to anyone looking to get an edge in the job market.”

– Laura Miles, GIS Specialist, BC

How Does the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service Work?

Working in collaboration with you by email, we’ll create a customized, professionally presented and formatted geospatial resume or cover letter to fit your needs and goals. We leverage your existing resume to bring it to its fullest potential.

The process begins once you purchase our service and then email us your documents so we can start our work. You can be looking for help on a new resume and cover letter for a specific job or just a fresh resume. It all begins once you purchase our service.

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