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The Best GIS Education in Canada

In 1960 Canada brought the first GIS to use.  We can thank Dr. Roger Tomlinson for this genesis. He called the first true GIS, The Canada Geographic Information System.  GIS is now an indispensable tool the world over for analyzing, storing, and manipulating information.  Canada continues to play a prominent role in GIS, not only in the development of the discipline, but by training the professionals who harness it.

GIS Day  is fast approaching.  With that in mind GoGeomatics Canada has kicked off our  first full month of magazine content with a focus on education and GIS in Canada.  On this post you will find a collection of links to articles relating to education and GIS in Canada. GoGeomatics will have more thematic content in the coming months.

Below you will see we have a series of interviews with GIS instructors from BC to Newfoundland.   GoGeomatics Canada has gone coast to coast exploring the personal journeys of the men and women who train the core of our human resources in GIS.  Each year Canada produces some of the finest GIS professionals in the world and we have these people to thank for it.

Interviews with Canadian GIS Instructors:

Lawrie Keillor-Faulkner: GIS Faculty at Fleming College, Ontario

Brad Maguire: GIS Instructor at Vancouver Island University, British Columbia

Tracey Harvey: GIS Instructor, Selkirk College, British Columbia

Darin Brooks: GIS Instructor, College of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland

Dave MacLean: GIS Faculty, COGS Advanced Diploma in Geographic Sciences, Nova Scotia

Sheila Churchill: GIS Instructor, British Columbia Institute of Technology, British Columbia

Tracy Harvey Part II: GIS Instructor, Selkirk College, British Columbia

Janet Finlay: GIS Instructor, Niagara College, Ontario

Adrian Faraguna: GIS Instructor at SAIT Polytechnic, Alberta

Stephen Swales: GIS Professor at Ryerson University, Ontario

Opinions and Editorials on GIS Education in Canada

Do we need a consistent approach to spatial education across Canada? by Tracey Harvey

GIS in Canadian Education Still Needs Advocacy by Peggy March

The Necessity of GIS Partnerships Between the Community and the Education System by Peggy March

GIS Training Approaches by Scott Bell, GIS Professor at University of Saskatchewan

GIS in the School System by Peggy March

Thinking about GIS or Whatever Happened to the Geography Teacher by Robert Maher

Geomatics and GIS Education: University vs. College by Chelsea Gurr

Personal Canadian Stories in GeoSpatial Education

A to B – (A Geographers Journey) Part 1 by Darren Platakis

A to B – (A Geographers Journey) Part 2 by Darren Platakis

A to B – (A Geographers Journey) Part 3 by Darren Platakis

Timothy Ensom – Environmental Scientist by Stephanie Murphy

A GIS Postgraduate’s Journal – September 25, 2012 by Deanna Sokoloski

A GIS Postgraduate’s Journal – November 4, 2012 by Deanna Sokoloski

A GIS Postgraduate’s Journal – December 17, 2012 by Deanna Sokoloski

Cartographic Specialist or Applications Specialist? by Chelsea Gurr

Geomatics and GIS Education: University vs. College by Chelsea Gurr

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    I would like to know how to apply for a GIS course in Canada and what it will take.

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    I am looking for higher education in GIS, particularly Postgraduate programme, any one can guide me any good university spcially in Toronto or in as whole Ontario?


  3. Thanks for sharing this list its very useful informative

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    Hello, I would love to know how to apply for a master degree in GIS in any of the Universities above

  5. Vijith Vasu says:

    I would like to know what is the cost of taking up the GIS course in Canada. I am a Malaysian citizen who has been working in the offshore Oil & Gas Industry as an offshore Data Processor for more than 10 years now. Please send me any details you have to my email address vijithvasu71@gmail.com

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    i wana get admission in MS in ontario or british Columbia university so can someone gudie me as i am pakistani national and did my beachlors in GIS . ur valuable response will be apprecaited

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