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GoGeomatics Canada & CRSS Sign National MOU

Drum roll please………. and cue the brass band.

GoGeomatics Canada and the Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS) have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on a number of projects and promote each other’s meetings, events, and conferences.

An example of this MOU is the joint event our two organizations are hosting in Ottawa April 19th at the University of Ottawa which is focused on debating and discussing the proposed national geomatics strategy. partners

GoGeomatics and the CRSS have already successfully hosted the CRSS Ottawa GoGeomatics Christmas party as well as other events in Ottawa and Toronto. With this new MOU, we will expand our joint efforts to the geomatics communities in Eastern and Western Canada.

GoGeomatics looks forward to supporting the CRSS as they expand and build across the country with new chapters and events. Students and professionals who are looking to join a forward-looking association of professionals in Canada are encouraged to sign up for a membership with the CRSS.

GoGeomatics believes that by cooperating and supporting each other, geospatial groups in Canada can support the sector, meet the mandates of their organization, and give tangible benefits to their members and participants.




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