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A New Generation of Geomatics Leaders in Canada

The GoGeomatics Canada Group leaders are an integral and important part of the Canadian geomatics community.  These young men and women have stepped up to the plate to share their enthusiasm and passion for geomatics with others in their cities.  There are GoGeomatics Socials being held in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, and Halifax.  We want to share the profiles of these individuals who have contributed so much to the Canadian geomatics community and to thank them for their efforts.Jasna & Deanna

Who are these leaders? These individuals are the vanguard of a vibrant and growing movement by geomatics students, new graduates, and young professionals to engage with each other on the common ground on their own terms.  This would not be possible without the efforts of these exceptional young men and women.  They have taken it upon themselves to volunteer their time and enthusiasm for geomatics to others.  Through their efforts many of Canada’s next generation of geomatics professional and leaders are coming together in new ways both online and in the real world.  They have helped to create opportunities for others like themselves who want to engage others in the Canadian geomatics community.

The GoGeomatics Canada socials are networking groups that meet each month.  These events are always fun and always free.   There are no membership forms, no dues, and no commitments.  While we don’t have any of those things we do have a lot of other things.  We bring together not only young and upcoming geomatics professional but also bring together geomatics businesses, associations, schools, and government stakeholders.

These socials are not done solely without help from other members of the Canadian geomatics community.  TECTERRA is sponsoring half of all the GoGeomatics socials in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Halifax.  GoGeomatics is in talks with other companies to support GoGeomatics socials in these and other cities. McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd is sponsoring the Vancouver GoGeomatics socials as well in September and November of 2013 and we want to thank them for the support. Sponsorship builds brand awareness and creates connections with the community.  If your company or group wants help out please get in touch with us. info@goGeomatics.ca

We hope that you read their profiles as we publish them and join them in their efforts to build a sustainable and vibrant geomatics community in Canada.

Click here for the main Groups Page.


Don’t forget to look for our Canada-wide socials on meetup.com! See who will be attending, view photos from the past events and get the conversation going before the social even begins!  

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