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GoGeomatics Digests: We are your geospatial news source for Canada and abroad

If you are new to GoGeomatics, you make have noticed our “GoGeomatics Canada News Briefing” and “Global Location Technology Digest” posts. These are what would on some websites be called a ‘News Roundup’: posts where we gather the most important, interesting, and relevant news items from Canada and across the world.

Whether it’s the upcoming launch of an Earth observation satellite, a merger between top geospatial industry leaders, or a new and exciting technological innovation, we strive to bring you the most newsworthy announcements. The Canadian News Briefing is an essential part of our mission to showcase the latest talent and research developments in our nation. Canada is the home of geomatics, and is constantly delivering fresh technology and research; if you want to catch up on the latest geospatial announcements from coast to coast, GoGeomatics is the site to watch.

But we’re not just invested in Canada’s “GEO” reputation at home; we want to connect our geospatial readers with what is happening abroad. As location technology becomes ever more intrinsic to decision making, economics, urban planning, defense intelligence, and governance, today’s geomatics professionals are tomorrow’s advisors, climate experts, and smart city builders. GoGeomatics owes it to geomatics enthusiasts to be a window onto the world, in part through our Global Digest.

Every story is handpicked by GoGeomatics founder and publisher Jon Murphy, who uses his knowledge of the industry to find the most insightful commentaries and the most important press releases not being reported. Each week we publish a digest—Canada one week, and Global the next—with a summary for each story and links included, so you can get the full picture. The digests have become so popular they are now among the pages with the highest traffic on the GoGeomatics website and Canadian Spatial Times newsletter. Our newsletter is the most popular in Canada with over 4,000 geomatics subscribers.

Have you seen a geospatial news story that you think should appear in our weekly digest? We want to hear from you! Send a link to info@gogeomatics.com and we will consider them for our digest. Also please send us your press releases.

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