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GoGeomatics is Leading on Twitter Worldwide

Well, it looks like all our tweeting is paying off! We just checked the stats, and GoGeomatics is leading the pack worldwide when it comes to using the hashtag #geomatics on Twitter. We love to connect with the community by tweeting out GIS, remote sensing, and geomatics news.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without all the support from our wonderful Twitter followers, so thanks guys!

Gogeomatics twitter

Not following us on Twitter? Here are just a few of the #geomatics topics we tweet about every day:

  • GoGeomatics social dates and times
  • Industry news
  • The latest geomatics jobs
  • GoGeomatics Magazine articles
  • Live event coverage

With all that tweeting over the past few years, we’ve learned a thing or two about using social media for community outreach, and we’re happy to share the knowledge. Below, we’re answering some of the top frequently asked questions on hashtags. Feel free to leave your Twitter questions in the comments!

Q: What is a hashtag?

A: A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by what used to only be called a pound sign (#). It can be used on many social media sites, but it’s most common and well-known use is on Twitter. A hashtag acts as topic or category for your message. Remember, a hashtag can’t have any spaces or punctuation in it.

Q: Why should I use a hashtag?

A: Because Twitter updates so much more quickly than other social media sites, your tweets can easily get buried. Hashtags help people find your tweets. This is especially important for businesses that are using Twitter, who want to make sure their tweets get seen by the right people.

A hashtag acts as a filter. If users are looking for information on a particular topic, like geomatics for example, they can do a search for #geomatics.

Hashtags are especially helpful for special events like conferences, weddings, or socials. If you’re organizing an event, create a special hashtag and ask your guests to use it – that way, you’ll easily be able to keep tabs on all your guests’ tweets.

Q: How do I choose a hashtag to use?

A: Don’t just throw a # symbol in front of every word in your tweet! Before you choose a hashtag, do a quick search to see if other people are using it, and how other people are using it. You don’t want your tweet to get lumped into the wrong conversation. Think about who you want to see your tweet, and what they might be searching for.

Another thing to keep in mind to save yourself some potential embarrassment: If your hashtag is more than one word, give it a close read to make sure that it doesn’t change its meaning when you remove the spaces.

Follow @GoGeomatics and @GoGeomaticsPost to stay up-to-date on the latest #geomatics news, jobs, and events. Happy tweeting!

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