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GoGeomatics Social Leader Profile: Corey Trott, Toronto

Corey Trott is one of the original GoGeomatics Canada group leaders. Through his leadership and hard work the group has grown and flourished in the heart of Toronto. The Toronto GoGeomatics social is one of the most vibrant and active monthly events on the Canadian geomatics calendar. Corey takes the time out of his busy schedule as the Divisional Project Officer at the Ontario Ministry of Environment (OME) to connect with others and has helped to create a geomatics social with deep connections to the Toronto geomatics community. Not only does Corey volunteer to be a group leader for GoGeomatics, he has also written for the GoGeomatics Canada magazine. By doing this he has shared his geospatial passion and expertise not only with the geomatics community in Toronto, but also with the rest of the Canadian community online.

photoGoGeomatics Canada wants to point out that Corey has won both the Emerald Award for Innovation from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for developing and leading the application of GIS-based environmental sensitivity mapping, as well as the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Award for Conservation for his work at the Niagara Children’s Water Festival.

Corey has worked in a number of geomatics capacities in Ontario. His first work experience was as a GIS Analyst Intern with the Wine Council of Ontario. From there he moved to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment where he put his skills to good use as a Junior Environmental Officer. Corey developed an innovative solution to investigating historic landfills that you can read about here: http://www.gogeomatics.ca/landfill-assessment-and-sensitivity-mapping-project

Subsequently he has held more responsible post with the OME. In March of 2013 he began his new post as the Divisional Project Officer for the OME.

: Corey holds a BSc in Geography from Brock University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Management from Niagara College.

Why do you think that the GoGeomatics Toronto Social is important for the community?

photo (2)Corey: I believe the GoGeomatics social serves an important function not only for the geomatics community, but for people who have interest in geomatics and related disciplines. The events attract people who are in the industry, those hoping to get into industry and those who would just like to find out more. The meetings break barriers by allowing people from all walks of life to network in a relaxed, fun environment. It is a great place to learn about what others are doing with their skills and network with link minded people.


“I first met Corey at the Magazine Launch of the new GoGeomatics in Toronto. He’d actually come to the pub with some friends and heard people talking about geomatics. He came right over and introduced himself. Extremely sharp and articulate I could tell right away that Corey had a passion for people and GIS. He’s one of the most dedicated community minded individuals I’ve ever met. Corey is a leader in the Toronto geomatics community and he continues to inspire and mentor others in GIS.”

-Jonathan Murphy – Managing Director GoGeomatics Canada

You can visit his LinkedIn profile here

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