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GoGeomatics Social Leader Profile: Stephen Misner, Halifax

Stephen Misner has graciously taken on the role of group leader for our GoGeomatics Halifax division. He currently is a GIS Analyst for Elections Nova Scotia where has worked since 3193a82November 2008. Prior to this position, Stephen worked as a GIS Technician for Spatial Metrics Atlantic for two and a half years. Here, Stephen worked on the NSCAF reconciliation project and compared the provincial civic address database with the Elections Nova Scotia Address Registry.

Stephen has also been a teacher and worked as a GIS Technician for both the Regional Municipality of Niagara’s Planning and Development Department and for Custom Farm Service Inc. These two latter positions were completed while he was finishing his post-secondary studies in the Niagara, Ontario region. He attended Brock University and completed his Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography with a concentration in GIS. He then continued and acquired a Postgraduate Certificate in GIS from Niagara College.

Stephen is also an Artillery Officer and has been for over 17 years! During his military career member_121580042he was able to utilize and build on his geomatics background. He regularly supervised a survey team, supervised the manipulation of geographic coordinates into gun data, coordinated fire on the ground and produced cartographic products for the use of training events.

For his military service, Stephen was awarded with the Canadian Forces Decoration. He was also recently honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his dedicated service to 1 Fd. Artillery Regiment, the Royal Canadian Army, and his volunteer work with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Tallahassee Community School. He is also married to Amber Misner and is a proud father of three children.

While GoGeomatics is sad that Stephen left Ontario, we are very excited to have him be our social leader in Halifax!

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