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GoGeomatics Socials: Network and Learn Together

At GoGeomatics, we’re all about fostering a strong geomatics community in Canada. One of our favourite ways to connect is face-to-face, at our monthly cross-Canada socials. If you’ve never been to a social, or haven’t been to one for a while, now is a great time to come in from the cold and join us for a fun night out!


These events are open to everyone in the geomatics community, and best of all, they’re always free. We have upcoming socials in the following cities – click the links to go to our Meetup Groups and start connecting with other social-goers:

GoGeomatics socials aren’t all about networking; they’re also a great place to learn something new, at our Speaker Series. We’re so pleased to have welcomed some interesting and varied speakers in 2015, in Toronto last month and Ottawa this Friday, and we have even more lined up for the rest of the season. At a social, there’s always time for a good Q&A session at the end of a talk. Stay tuned as we release information about our upcoming speakers soon!

Alberta Geomatics Group Calgary GoGeomatics Social May 2014 12

Wondering how to prepare for your first social? First, check out our website for the next date and time in your city, or just email info@gogeomatics.ca and request to be put on our email list so you get regular reminders directly to your inbox. We like to keep things casual. Our socials take place in downtown pubs, where you can enjoy a pint (or your drink of choice) while you chat geomatics, GIS, remote sensing, and more with some friendly folks.

Are you looking for a way to get even more involved in your geomatics community? We’re currently looking for social group leaders to volunteer at these monthly events in Vancouver and Ottawa. If you’re enthusiastic and love to socialize and meet new people, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Click here for more information and to apply.

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